Yes It’s Cold BUT Ditch The Excuses, Date Night Is Still ON!

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Praise HIM if your not in Chicago right now. It feels like I instantly have frost bite when I step outside my front door. If your currently located in an all year around warm state let’s switch places asaptually! SMILE. Just kidding, I love Chicago but sometimes mother nature really gives it to us in a harsh way. However, life must go on and yes, I still want my date night as planned! lol So here’s 5 ways you can ditch the excuses and still have US time during WINTER season.  Let us know which activity worked out best for you and your spouse Facebook, Instragram & Twitter

1.Get Sweaty

Pop in one of your favorite work out DVD’s and shed a few pounds in your living room with your hubby. If your like me, you may need someone to hold your feet down to complete a full sit-up, wouldn’t it be great to have him help instead of putting your feet under the couch again. A late night workout relieves much needed stress. Try out this sweaty activity and the night will end perfectly.

2. Spa Time

Have your favorite masseuse make a visit to your home for a spa night indoors. Clear out your dining room table and chairs, light a few candles and plug in your automatic waterfall kit you purchased at Target. (or is that just me) SMILE.

3. Competitive Games

Your friends are stuck in the house too, so why not invite them over for a few fun games you all can enjoy. Playing games like charades, monopoly, sorry, twister, scrabble, etc. Or skip the friends and make it a two person game, just add in a few rewards and penalties to spice it up a bit.

4. Dance Class Indoor

Planning to show off your dancing skills on your wedding day? You might not want to skip a lesson just because its a bit cold outside. There’s a great dance company, Get On The Floor Dance Company, that will come to you.

5. I Need S’more of You

The hardest part of this date night idea is hiding the s’mores ingredients from your kids or guests. Grab your favorite non scented candle and roast your marshmallows while sharing stories and jokes. Download this wonderful printable to give to your love before the night begins. Click HERE

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