What’s your color scheme? Peacock Proud & Ocean Breeze Inspiration

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Color Schemes & Themes

As you’re planning your wedding you may find yourself overwhelmed with big decisions: party decorations, dress designs, wedding invitations, and oh god let’s not get started on the cake! Who knew cake icing had such intricate details?!

Choosing a color palette can give your wedding a rubric to follow, so you’re not pounding your head against the wall when the florist asks which flowers you’d like in your bouquet. You can simply say, “violet orchids, please” because you’ve decided to have a purple theme. As in all matters of the universe, you have to see it to believe it – when you envision the colors of your wedding day, everything else falls in alignment creating the wedding of your dreams . Take a look at these color schemes to spark your wedding inspiration. Let us know your favorite scheme via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Ocean Breeze

Cassandre and Antonio Cruz styled their wedding in blue, orange, and white as they married along the ocean shore in Cancun, Mexico.

photographed by A. Anaiz Photography





Peacock Proud

Brittany and Bobby Sharp designed their wedding with glorious green, blue, and purple patterns for a traditional church wedding in Alabama.

photographed by Milanés Photography




sharp table



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