Top 5 Do’s & Donts To Transition To Natural Hair For Wedding Day

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We receive emails from newly engaged brides seeking advice on how to ditch the perm and seek their natural  curls before their wedding day! If you’re one of those ladies, newly engaged and hoping to say “I-Do” with curls, then this post is for you. Here’s top five Do’s & Don’ts for transitioners. Let us know if your transitioning from perm to natural hair via our  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. Read our tips, below:

Top 5 Do’s & Dont’s To Transition To Natural Hair For Wedding Day

Top 5 Do's & Donts To Transition To Natural Hair For Wedding Day

1. DON’T 


Don’t use the same styling and heating tools for your natural hair as you would for your relaxed hair. For example: throw away the small tooth combs and rubber-bands, they will only tangle and damage your curly strands. You may want to ditch those ceramic heating tools. As you see your new growth beginning to grow in, there maybe a temptation to keep new growth looking like the permed hair.  Adding heat to your natural hair will only damage the hair and you will not like the way your natural hair looks after all the perm is out. Here’s a few Styling Tools we recommend.

1. PuffCuff Hair Clamp for Thick, Coily, Textured Hair is used to help you create the perfect natural hair puff. Click here to see this new hair tool, PuffCuff Hair Clamp . 

2. Wide Tooth Comb is used to help you detangle your hair with ease. Click here to take a look at the, Detangling Comb

3. Denman Styling Brush is an essential styling tool that allows us naturals to have a firm grip on the handle while detangling our hair with ease. This brush has smooth nylon pins that decrease chance of snagging our curls, causing damage. Click here to see the Denman Styling Brush

4. Goody Bobby Pins Black are vital for those days you need to secure your hair into place. We’ve all seem to misplace a few pins here and there so stock up, Goody Bobby Pins Black

2. DO

Do expect breakage and shedding. Many transitioners notice that the ends of their hair become thin and more vulnerable to breakage. It’s okay to trim your ends as your new growth begins to grow in. You can track monthly progress of your naturally curly hair and trim the excess perm off accordingly.

3. DON’T

Don’t become a product junkie. Yes, I agree that you will need to learn which products work best for your newly found texture however, try one product at a time. See if you like the product by using it more than once. Here’s a few of our favorite shampoos for natural hair.

1.  Shea Moisture Raw Shea Retention Shampoo is great to heal, grow and strengthen hair. Learn more about this product here, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Retention Shampoo2.  Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo we all love the invigorating smell of peppermint, add it to your shampoo at it increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feeling.Learn more about this product here, Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo

3. Aunt Jackies Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo:If you hate your hair to feel dry and brittle after you shampoo,then this is the product for you. Get all the details here, Aunt Jackies Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo 

4. DO

Do develop a hair care regimen and include hot oil treatments that will moisturize your strands. Start with a monthly hot oil treatment and see how well your hair reacts. If you feel that your hair is becoming dry and brittle throughout the month, change the regimen to a weekly hot oil treatment.

3 Top Oils For Naturals

1. Coconut oil has been proven to prevent hair loss, decrease split ends and minimize hair damage.   Coconut Oil is available at Amazon.

2. Olive oil is excellent to promote the health of your hair and scalp. It penetrates the hair shaft, which makes it a great moisturizer and perfect for sensitive skin. Olive oil can be purchased at any grocery story or health food store.

3. Avocado oil is light weight and easily absorbs into the hair and scalp. This oil is great for summer months as it contains SPF properties which help protect your hair from harsh sun rays. Avocado Oil is available at Amazon.

5. DON’T

Don’t tend to hide your hair away all year with protect styling. Yes, protective styling is great but some abuse the notion of protective styling by keeping their hair bundled up for long periods of time. Remember, your scalp needs to breathe and your hair needs your attention as well. Continuous protective styling makes it difficult to cleanse your hair and scalp.

I hope these tips were helpful to those considering transitioning to naturally curly hair for their wedding day. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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