Top Tips To Rock Glasses On Your Wedding Day! Plus, Giveaway

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I searched up and down for fabulous brides rocking a pair of glasses on their wedding day and the inspiration is very rare. While the goal of your bridal style should be a glammed up version of yourself, the most important thing is to be comfortable. If you wear prescription glasses on a daily basis, you shouldn’t force yourself to wear contacts on your wedding day.

Maybe your not sure how to accessorize your wedding day style with eye-wear or you don’t feel like your gorgeous make-up will be seen behind a pair of specs. Well, let me tell you, those frames are apart of who you are and I am going to make sure you have the inspiration you need to rock them with ease.

NaturalHairBride has partnered with to provide an awesome giveaway of prescription glasses to any of our readers! Coastal offers hundred of stylish frames in a variety of colors. Personally, I ordered my glasses from Coastal and the fit and design is both fashionable and durable. Enter to win a free pair of glasses and read my top tips to rock a pair of specs on your wedding day, below!

Top Tips To Rock Glasses On Wedding Day! Plus, Giveaway

Top Tips To Rock Glasses On Wedding Day! Plus, Giveaway

Selecting Your Frames: You don’t have to select boring glasses, purchase a new pair and set them to the side for your wedding day. A new pair of specs will make you feel even more special on your big day! Add a bit of your personality to your frames by selecting clear, sparkly or white. You may even want to have your eye-wear match your theme colors. There are so many cute red, green and purple frames, go explore, here.

Top Tips To Rock Glasses On Wedding Day! Plus, Giveaway

Lippies Matter: If you’re selecting a bold color for your glasses than pair it with a nude lippie. Selecting a neutral color pair of specs? Pair your frames with a bold lip color. Try it out at home, this works!

Natural Hair Style: To avoid looking like a school teacher, ditch the bun, and create a gorgeous twist-out, straw or roller set to define those curls.

Top Tips To Rock Glasses On Wedding Day! Plus, Giveaway

Contour Queen: Yes, your makeup and eyebrows are still very important. Knowing that your eye-wear is right above your check-bones be sure they stand out. Have your make-up artist create a stunning jaw-line and bring out those cheekbones with a gorgeous highlighter and blush.

Avoid The Shadow: As an eye-glass wearer, I can tell you that there always seem to be a bit of shadow right below my specs. To avoid this on your wedding day, I suggest you add a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your face.

Accessorize: Add gorgeous statement earrings or florals to your hair. Accessories can be added to glam up your style while providing other options for your guest to look at.

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