Top 5 Fun Games For Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party Success

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If you’ve been tasked to throw the best bridal shower or bachelorette party for the bride, we have your back! I know your contemplating on things to do to wake up your guest, get them engaged and allow them to have a great time.  Look no further, here’s the top 5 fun games for party success!

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge

Photo found on luciaisabellablog

Photo found on luciaisabellablog

This has to be one of the funniest games at a bridal shower! The main goal is to have your guest create their version of a DREAM WEDDING DRESS out of TOILET PAPER! Separate your guests into teams of at least 3 or more. Pick one person to be the “bride” in your team. Hand out a roll of toilet paper to each team player. Set your timer for 10 to 15 minutes. When time is up, allow each “bride” to show off their dress while one of the team players discuss the inspiration behind the creation. The bride-to-be should make the final decision and choose the winner of the best dress. A prize can be given out at this time.

2. Never Have I Ever…..

Bridal Shower Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

Adebayo Deru Photography

Adebayo Deru Photography

The best way to get the ladies to know each other better is to start with a drinking game at the bachelorette party, right?!?!? The game is simple, each guest has to finish the sentence, “Never Have I Ever…….” with something that they have never done, personally. Someone who has done what the guest said must take a sip of their drink or a shot. You may be shocked at what you learn.

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3. How Old Was She?

Now it’s time to grab the bride-to-be’s throwback photos (choose the funniest moments) from her childhood and/or teenage years. Pin them to a board or display on a projector screen. Hand out a piece of paper and ask guest to guess the age she was in each picture. A prize can be given to the winner with the most correct.

4. Pass The Bouquet

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Here’s a game that will get your guest to get up and out of their seat.  Very similar to our favorite childhood game, musical chairs, guests will pass a bouquet around the room. Upbeat music is playing while the bouquet is handed from guest to guest. Once the music stops, the guest holding the bouquet is eliminated, leaving the remaining guest to battle it out. The prize can be the bouquet.

5.  Guess The Groom

A great way to get the bride-to-be “caught up”! Not really, but this fun game is great for those couple showers or co-ed bachelorette parties or keep the party all girls and invite the groom and groomsmen to stop by the party for 20 mins. Here’s how it works: sit the bride-to-be in a chair, blind fold the bride and allow the men to stop by her chair. The bride takes turns touching the men calves finally making a guess on which legs belong to her groom. Let’s hope she chooses the right man, LOL!

Ladies, which game(s) was your favorite? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instragram. Be sure to email us photos of your bridal or bachelorette party and we will re-post the pics on our social sites,

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