Top 10 Dates Under $20.00

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Who says you have to blow the bank to have a little fun with your mate?!?!? (Did that rhyme) ha! Here’s 10 date ideas way under budget,$20 or less!

1. Art Gallery: Many art galleries are free. If you love to stroll down aisles of tasteful paintings, this Date Night can be a treat for you.

2. Dance Class: Take a couples dance class. Have you tried Salsa? NHB is having a Date Night with Salsa Dancing Class. Learn how to twist and turn your spouse this Friday, September 06 at Art of Seduction Chicago! Tickets are only $20.00 

3. Cooking Class: Get friends together at your home and ask everyone to bring their favorite recipes and a bottle of wine. Each couple contributing $20 to the meal will make for a fabulous Date Night!

4. Deal Savers: Apps like Groupon and Living Social have great discounted dinners at local restaurants or live band pubs. I recently found a Groupon deal for Jet Skiing in Chicago for only $40.00, split in half and you have a $20 per person adventurous date planned.

5. Amateur Comedy Show: Admission rates are cheaper when you watch up and coming comedians on stage.

6. Karaoke Night: Sing your heart out with Michael Jackson’s Thriller or other great songs. Not a singer? Well, sit back and allow other couples to entertain you with their vocal skills on stage.

7. Movie Theme Night: In the mood for Italian? Match the movie with your meal by putting in the “Italian Job” and enjoy!

8. Historic Tour: Many of us have not yet experienced all there is to know about our city. Prepare for this Date Night by researching some hot spots to take your spouse. Look up some very interested facts about your city and be his/her personal guide for the night. Park the car or drive around.

9. Volunteer Work: Here’s a way to spend quality time while giving back  to the community. Learn about an organization that plant trees or clean beaches and get involved.

10. Impromptu Road Trip: Build a playlist, pack some snacks, pick a nearby destination 3 hours away or less and take it to the road. Go to a surrounding city and experience some of their must see sites.

We hope theses 10 tips under $20 ideas will be something you would try. If your in the Chicago area we would love to meet you at our Date Night Event, . If you have a fun Date Night idea send us an email with all the deets.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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