The Super Simple Guide to Wedding Bliss… on a Budget

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Guest: LaTasha Kinnard, Financial Coach

What if I told you that the secret to wedding bliss could be explained in three super simple steps.  I admit that my tactics are unconventional. Some will undoubtedly call me crazy. Tis true. I prescribe a different method for planning your wedding and despite what everyone else is doing I would strongly suggest that you give it some thought. I mean let’s be real…something about the current way isn’t working…and perhaps it has something to do with money!!


Identify what is important:  As I have already alluded to, financial grievances are the leading cause of divorce in America. When it comes to your wedding, don’t put a strain on your entire future to finance one day. You and your honey should identify what details are really important. After that, don’t stress about the rest. This will set the stage nicely to start building out your budget.


Create a Budget: Now that you have determined which wedding details deserve your time, money, and attention, you can start to focus on the smaller details. Use the rest of your budget to build and enhance. Small (and inexpensive) touches can go a long way in elevating the tone of your wedding for minimal cost.


Develop common goals: Now that you have a budget and you know how much you plan to spend, you and your boo can work together to make your dream wedding a reality. For example, perhaps one month you can go without coffee while he packs lunch to save money to pay for the open bar. This will teach you to how to plan for a future together and a long life of financial compromise. Also, you will both have confidence in the others ability to do what it takes to make this marriage work.


Lovely bride to be who is reading this article, I beg you to give these three steps a shot. I know you probably planned on having a $25,0000 wedding with all the bells and whistles. But I promise that when the economy is in (another) recession and you and your lover have money in the bank, you will not regret it. No bells, whistles, or frills can substitute for love. That is the greatest gift of all, and guess what…it’s FREE.

Tasha is a financial coach who helps young adults build wealth one step at a time.
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