The Real: How Much Money You May Spend As A Bridesmaid

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So, your best girlfriend recently got engaged and your ecstatic to receive the call or cutesy card that says: “will you be my bridesmaid”. Your even more happier that she is marrying the man of her dreams and you both get to celebrate the last ounce of “freedom” at her bachelorette shindig. BUT as things start to progress and you’re tasked with duties, you may start to double check your bank account to see if this new commitment is something you can really afford.  Here’s how much money you may spend when saying YES, I’ll be your bridesmaid.

The Real: How Much Money You May Spend As A Bridesmaid

The Real: How Much Money You May Spend As A Bridesmaid

Clothing: Typically, you are expected to purchase your dress, jewelry and shoes to the brides liking. She will typically pick the dresses along with accessories and give you a price tag attached. Bridesmaid dresses can range from $50-$1,500.00 +. Shoes, $65-$150 +. Matching earrings and necklace, $50-$150. So, be sure to voice any concern you may have with the bride and your current budget in advance before she starts shopping away with your mula.

Bridal Shower: A bridal shower is an event that celebrates that bride by giving gifts that she may need to start her married life. This occasion is celebrated with family and friends. Typically, this task is sent to the maid of honor however, she may request that the bridal party assist with a monetary donation to cover cost of food, venue, raffle gifts and party decor.

Hair and Makeup: The cost of hair and makeup is mainly dictated on where you live and the stylist that the bride choose for the day. On average, a makeup artist may charge $100 for application and an hairstylist can easily charge $60. Manicure & Pedicure may cost $50-$65. Let’s not forget about a 20% tip.

Out of Town Bridesmaids: If you are traveling from out of town or attending a wedding that’s out of the country, you are expected to pay for travel expenses. Your best bet is to get together with the girls and reserve a hotel room or suite that will allow you to divide costs.

Wedding Gift: There’s a gift for the bridal shower and a wedding gift that you may want to budget for as well. Of course, this may not be expected by the bride but if you would like to add a gift to the cost of being a bridesmaid, this would be the time.

Note: These cost are subject to each unique circumstance. Of course you want to be apart of one of the happiest days of your friend or family members life. Money should not be the main factor however, it is great to know what you may be expected to spend. Now that you have these thoughts in your head, pick up the phone and call the bride to see what’s really expected of you and start setting those dollars to the side, right now.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please share your insight in the comment section below or via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I want to know what are you willing to spend as a bridesmaid or what did you spend as a bridesmaid.

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