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I am excited to share with you Tori’s wedding story and photos. I had a chance to meet her and her mom at the Natural Hair Bride Annual Runway show this past February. They traveled to Chicago and stayed at the host hotel to receive both natural hair and bridal inspiration with live entertainment by Chrisette Michele (See photos here). We discussed her wedding day hopes and style ideas. It’s great to see that it all came together beautifully! I wish you and your hubby the very best! Congratulations!!!
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Word of advice: Be sure to take in EVERY moment. One thing everyone told us was the the day goes by so fast, and all you’ll have left are photos. We made it a point to stop and take it all in as much as possible throughout the day. We remember the day in vivid detail!
How did we meet: Online! Yes, we are one of those couples. We were married 2 years and 2 months after meeting. 
Most unforgettable moments: Justin cried the whole ceremony, and I couldn’t stop smiling. Also, when I reached into my POCKETS and pulled out my wedding vowels. No one had ever seen pockets on a wedding dress.

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Tori Natural Hair Bride 2

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Wedding details: The Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach, SC and the theme was Beach Romance.
Date: September 21, 2014; Colors: Coral and gold; 4 Bridesmaids; Dress Style: Sweetheart/ Empire waist

Tori Natural Hair Bride 6

Tori Natural Hair Bride 10

Tori Natural Hair Bride 7

Hairstyle: 2 “milkmaid” like braids going into a bun.  
The style idea was inspired from another bride seen on Natural Hair Bride. The only products used for the style is a pure coconut oil purchased from Trader Joe’s, and edge control by ORS. 
I heard of Natural Hair Bride from Mahogany Curls. I’ve been a fan ever since!
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