Painless Ways To Cut Wedding Expenses Quickly

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Weddings on average cost $24,000 in smaller cities and up to $70,000 in big cities like New York City. If you’ve secured a few of your wedding vendors and feel that you’re already way over budget, then this list of wedding expenses to cut is right for you.

Painless Ways To Cut Wedding Expenses Quickly

Painless Ways To Cut Wedding Expenses Quickly

Bridal Gown: Have you heard of renting your wedding dress? Yes! If your not interested in passing your gown to the next person or boxing it up forever then, this might be a great fit for you. Check out: Rent The Runway.

Minimize Wedding Guest List: By cutting one table of guests from your list you may save upwards of $500.00 on food and decor.

Make Your Own Veil: Yep, you can do it. Veils are made of white or ivory tulle with a comb added. Grab a glue gun, fabric and other essentials (check out a YouTube video) and save over $100.

Save The Dates Via Email: If you want to make sure that your guests have your special day on the calendar simply pick up the phone or create an email evite using paperless post or other fancy evites for FREE. saving your hundreds!

Ditch the fancy floral bouquet: Silk flowers, a single  long stem flower of your choice or grow your own bouquet in preparation for your wedding day. This will cut out at least $200 in floral expenses.

Simple Centerpieces: Instead of elaborate floral arrangements use a pretty glass bowl and floating candles.

Wedding Venue: Take advantage of your alumni discount and get married at your college chapel. You can also have everything at one site to avoid transportation and rental expenses.

Food: Save on waitstaff by having guests serve themselves buffet style. Go appetizer only or select a venue that allow you to bring in your own food and drinks. You know that your food may taste better than the banquet hall anyhow.

Hire a DJ: Instead of a live band, hire a DJ that can spin some of your favorite hits.

If you just can’t cut your wedding expenses, it may be best to start asking family and friends if they can purchase a service  on your behalf. Even better, they may be a photographer or musician in your family, ask them for their services as a wedding gift.

Let us know how you cut your wedding expenses and how much you saved via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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