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After drilling and drilling the importance of scheduling a Date Night weekly or at least monthly into your schedule, some say it just cost too much. Many couples recently created new budgeting sheets for the New Year and saving every dime is on their list of goals for 2014.  However, I strongly encourage you to reconsider ditching Date Nights completely, especially if you can save 50% to 60% off!

With nearly a dozen internet options available including the most popular : Living Social & Groupon. There’s really no reason to skimp out on planning a date night at The Comedy Bar Chicago  when it only costs $15 per person.

Groupon spokeswoman Julie Mossler said the date-night trend has emerged as a clear favorite among users, with dozens of e-mails from relieved spouses taped to the wall of the customer service office of the company’s Chicago headquarters. “We’ve got some really heartfelt ones, people writing to say Groupon helped save my marriage,” said Mossler. “People use them to get off the couch and get out of a rut.”

My hubby and I love to plan our schedule around a discounted Living Social or Groupon deals. Here’s one Both Sides Art we’ve grabbed up for this weekend. I love spending time outside the house creating memories with my husband. Would you like for me to share more pictures of our nights out?

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Natural Hair Bride is in preparation for our Next Date Night Event! Comment below with a Date Night idea or share it with us on Instagram Facebook & Twitter.


Have a great night!


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