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Today we would like to share a brides testimony of planning a stress free wedding day with you from Mrs. Jackie Taylor! Give us some of your feedback via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Pin your favorite picture with us via Pinterest. Natural Hair Bride

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Wedding details: I was your traditional bride at first – completely enamored with the glitz and glam of wedding planning. It was such a treat to shop for everything! I was on cloud nine as I planned our yacht wedding on Lake Michigan with 50 (then 60, then 75) of our closest friends and family. But things quickly got out of control concerning the price and who would make the “cut” and who wouldn’t. All of a sudden, it wasn’t fun anymore and became super stressful. At the guidance of my wise husband, I took a step back to analyze what was important and what we could afford. So in a VERY humbling moment of my life, I decided to forgo the wedding on the lake and simplify everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! I bought a simple dress for $100 (yes you read that correctly), got married at city hall and had an intimate reception dinner with 30 of our family members. It turned out to be really beautiful and completely stress free. I loved it!!!!

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Wedding date: August 8, 2014 | Wedding colors: Black and white | Dress: Windsor

How we met: We met in college and have been together ever since.

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Hair: I knew I wanted a natural hairstyle so I showed my stylist a picture and told her to just make it look good. She put her own spin on it and it turned out lovely.

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Most unforgettable moment of the wedding: We took pictures before heading to the court-house and everything about the location including the wind in my veil, and the romantic scenery could be felt in the air. It was amazing and was captured in our pictures. Also, when it was time to “kiss the bride,” I thought my very private husband was just going to give me a nice peck on the lips, but he surprised me and gave me a very heartfelt “I love you always” kiss. It was perfect.

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