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You all fell in love with this bride and groom’s photo on Instagram so, I had to share their love story plus more amazing photos of their wedding day by Sobitart Photography. Be Inspired! Share your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Pin your favorite photo to Pinterest!
Photography by: Sobitart Photography (New York) 
Word of advice for the newly engaged on preparation for their wedding day:
In preparing for your wedding day, be realistic, be honest and transparent.  Employ as many friends and family as you can who can help with different projects.  The best advice I received was on the very day of my wedding: “something WILL GO WRONG, and that’s ok!” Don’t stress about those things.


How did you meet?
My husband and I met when we were 12 and 13 years old.  I stayed with my grandmother for the summers and he went to the same church as my cousin. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight!  We reconnected later in our teens and dated briefly.  I went off to college, started my life and family, he did the same, all the while still keeping in touch.  Five years ago, we tried our luck at dating again and it worked.  On Christmas day, 2012, he proposed.


Most unforgettable moments of your wedding day?
(a) Our first look moment.  I knew exactly how he’d look because I assembled his entire outfit, but he had no idea what I would look like. He was completely taken aback.
(b) at the ceremony, while reciting our vows, my husband got choked up and began to cry. When my turn came to say my vows, I did so (as rehearsed) flawlessly and my husband begins whispering “sucker…!”  I guess he was looking for me to shed a tear too, it was hilarious, especially because I was the only one who heard him.
(c) At the reception, my sorors encircled and sang to me and there, I cried.  He looked at me when we were done and said “really?”




Wedding details (location, theme):
We were married in our hometown, Brooklyn, New York. Our theme was “Celebrating Love”.  We like to have fun and knew we wanted to have a party.  Our reception cards reflected that message exactly: “Join us for Sips, Snacks and Two-Stepping“. 
Wedding date, color, bridesmaid count, bridal gown style:
We were married on Sunday, August 31, 2014.  Our colors were ivory, navy blue and fuchsia. I had one matron of honor, no bridesmaids.  Gown style: floor length, romantic, basket woven bodice with a tulle ruffle skirt and train.  My matron of honor chose my dress but I wasn’t sold on it and felt it was missing something.  She came back with a jeweled sash and I instantly fell in love.  I didn’t know if it was the one, but I knew I didn’t want to look anymore.





Describe your hairstyle on your wedding day:
Very early on, I knew that I wanted my hair to be tucked away in an updo for my wedding day.  My husband loves my fro, but August is an infamously hot month and rain had also been predicted for our day.  I opted for and updo cornrow and twist style.  It was perfect.
Where did you get the style idea? 
For months, I scoured over pinterest and google looking up natural hair updo’s.  Finally, I found one that I settled on.  I showed my hairstylist and although she took the idea and did something TOTALLY DIFFERENT, it worked for me.



How did you learn of
During my google search and rummaging through pinterest, I stumbled upon countless pictures in connection to the site and I began following the Instagram account.
Can you feel the love and laughter ringing from this couple. We wish them many more year of happiness together. Be sure to send an email to feature your wedding day,
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