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Good Morning Dolls,

Today, we are sharing the importance of simplicity with you via this love story. Mr. & Mrs. Sanow’s number one goal was to focus on the meaning of LOVE and not the glitz and glam of high price decor. If your seeking a budget friendly day to say I-Do, here’s great inspiration for you. Let us know your thoughts via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Word of advice for the newly engaged on preparation for their wedding day: Relax. Remember why you chose to marry each other in the first place and focus on that. Everything that needs to work out in the long run will work out the way it is suppose to work out. Nate and I planned our entire wedding ceremony in one week exactly, so there was not months and months to plan anything extravagant. That was perfectly fine with us both because we initially planned to elope with only ourselves, a photographer, and a videographer. But within the span of a couple of days, immediate family and closest friends were now coming. We rented cabins near the lake for family and friends to stay in the night before the wedding. We changed the ceremony from outdoors on a dock over the lake to indoors. We bought food and a couple cakes for a mini reception. There were a lot of changes. Nevertheless, the things that mattered most was wrapped up in knowing that beyond that one day, we were privileged to spend the rest of lives together as husband and wife.

How did you meet? Initially, we met over three years ago in an apartment stairwell in downtown Oklahoma City. Nate was moving into the same apartment building where my friends lived. I was walking down the stairwell with my girlfriend, while he was standing talking to some friends. Once we got outside, my friend and I noticed that his moving truck was blocking in my car. He had to come move it, that’s when we struck up a conversation. (We later admitted to each other just how attractive we found each other at first glance.) It was not until two months later when our mutual friends invited us to an Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game that we saw each other again. Nate finally asked me out for a milkshake at a place known as Kaiser’s. The rest is history!

Most unforgettable moments of your wedding day: Crying as we said our own vows from the heart. We had an undeniable feeling inside that we meant every word that we said. We knew that this was for real and that this was forever. Although it was cold, we now cherish the snow trickling in gently as we took our pictures. After the ceremony, we decided to run in the snow through the woods to get to an old boat dock where two years earlier we had the most significant conversation of our relationship. We took our favorite picture on that dock. And of course, the joyful shock of knowing we had family and friends literally drive across the state for our ceremony, knowing that come hell or high water, they were going to be there. It was a rich day of community and fellowship with the dearest people we love.

Wedding Details: Location: Theme: We decided to have our ceremony at the same place we attended a retreat two years prior located in northeast Oklahoma. A subtle nature theme was our goal as we were set to be outside. However, we moved inside due to cold temperatures and went with a mixture of looks, going with the flow that life gave us. We brought in fall leaves from outside to line the isle. All in all, the theme was very natural and life giving.

Wedding Date | November 16, 2014 | Bridesmaid Count | My best friend served as my Matron of Honor. I was the maid of honor in her wedding. Bridal Gown Style: My dress was an Oleg Cassini strapless ball gown with a sweetheart neckline. I paired it with a white lace top that I picked up the day before the wedding and used the belt off of my Matron of Honor’s dress to tie the look together. Nate’s look was an earthy color set with a woodsy vibe. We all tied a bit of the color red wine into our looks.

Describe your hairstyle on your wedding day: I knew that Nate really liked my hair in a high bun. A week and a half earlier, I went and had my hair professionally straightened for a length check. It was the first time I had blow dried or straightened hair. I transitioned all of 2012 and was completely natural the beginning of 2013. The high bun was an easy, flawless look that I knew I would love but that Nate would really love as well.

Where did you get the style idea? I always had a thought in my head what I would want my hair to look like that day so I just went with it and did not second guess it, although I browsed through a lot of wedding day looks for natural hair.

How did you learn of I was introduced to through social media. I love looking at all the pictures posted to Instagram.

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