Mane Monday’s:The Importance of Hair Trials

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By Kalisha Cartharn

Happy Monday my loves and welcome to “Confessions of a Hair Stylist” The Importance of hair Trials. As you know I’ve been consulting with beauty industries finest to bring you all some great tips on wedding day hair do’s and don’ts. All these great tips are leading up to some great one on one’s with these extremely talented professionals. So please pay close attention and take in as much information as possible so that you could avoid simple hair mistakes on one of the most important days of your life.

This week’s post is dedicated to the importance of a hair trial(s) before your wedding day. We’ve touched on this subject a bit in our last post ‘Wedding Day Stylist’ and things to look for when choosing.

Well, now you are at the point of having a few stylists in mind and run into the dilemma of choosing the perfect stylist for you. This is where our beauty professionals come in with a mini guide to successfully get you through hair trials with your list of stylist. Remember this is a trial, so you will want to commence as if this were the big day so plan accordingly by bringing your veil and or any hair accessories that will be part of that day. Here is where you bring in pictures of what you desire and really dive into the vision of what you are wanting.

1. Being straight forward – Here is where you need NOT hold back! Being honest with your stylist will make the biggest difference in the world and relieve so much stress. According to my beauty professionals, honesty is key with any styling, let alone one of the most important days of your life. Let him/her know what your vision is, bring in pictures (digital if available) of what you want. You will be surprised to know that most brides try out a few styles before they actually chose one.

2. Bring it in – If it’s a part of the day then bring it in, as in pictures of your dress, hair accessories, & veils earrings. These are things you want figured out so that they don’t become a hassle on your wedding day. This helps bring your vision to life & will certainly help you pick which styles best suits you & your ensemble.

3. Photo Shoot – Oh how we love “selfies” in today’s digital/social media world? Take time out to snap a lot of shots with your wedding day hair to see if it photographs well for your wedding day. This provides the opportunity for you to tweek the things you don’t like. Who knows this may help you make the decision of veil or no veil, accessories or not? The whole purpose is to have one less thing to worry about on this day.

4. How long will it last –  My beauty experts can’t express enough the important of choosing a hair style that will last  for the entire day. Not only will you be running around like crazy but you have to do it and still look like a stunning bride.  So try out your trial hairstyle for the  entire day and see how well it holds up. This way you will know if the style is best for the day and the time frame you have before hair touch-up’s is needed.

Hopefully NHB and our team of Beauty Professionals have been able to help relieve some of the stressful tasks during wedding prep. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and be sure to let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! If you would like to submit something so NHB can share CLICK HERE to learn more. XO!

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