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There are many aspects to a successful, fun and memorable wedding and your first dance should not be left out.  Without great entertainment and an epic first dance, your wedding may fall flat. Your responsibilities as hosts of your wedding is to be engaging, social but also entertaining on the dance floor.  One key strategy to making your ceremony named the party of the year, is taking wedding dance lessons.

Natural Hair Bride has partnered with Dabble, an online resource that  lets you discover, teach and host one-time affordable classes right here in Chicago. Today we will share what you can expect from wedding dance lessons from Duet Dance Studio in partnership with Dabble. I hope these tips help you become prepared to create a memorable first dance with the one you love. Be sure to share your first dance photos with us on Instagram with hashtag #NaturalHairBride

Dabble is the easiest way to try something new; an online marketplace for taking, teaching, and hosting classes right in your community. From sushi rolling to knife throwing, Dabble has no limit on what you can try.
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Make Your First Dance Memorable With


Make Your First Dance Memorable With Duet Dance Studio
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How important are dance lessons prior to your wedding day?

Dance lessons are crucial in order for you to feel comfortable and confident dancing at your wedding day. Plus, no one wants to watch you sway awkwardly at your wedding! Even if you have some previous dance experience, learning to dance with a partner will always take practice until it becomes smooth and composed enough to perform in front of your wedding guests. Many of our couples have also found dance lessons a great stress-reliever and fun date night prior to their wedding.

What type of dance styles are available?
At Duet Dance Studio, we teach a variety of ballroom and Latin dance styles. Some popular wedding dance styles include foxtrot, waltz, rumba, swing, salsa and tango.

How do you decide the perfect dance style for your wedding day?

The perfect dance style is usually based on the tempo and style of your first dance song. If you don’t have a song chosen yet, we can always begin with dance styles that match the feel of your wedding or your personalities. Since there are so many dance styles available, it is often fairly easy to find a style or two that match the song or theme of the wedding and voila, you have a perfect dance all set!

How long are the dance lessons and how many dance lessons are needed in order to effectively learn the dance?

Our regular private lessons are one hour long. The number of lessons you need varies from couple to couple and it depends on how good you want to become, how fast you learn, how choreographed you’d like your dance to be, how much time you have before your wedding and etc. The more time you spend on your dancing, the more confident you become. We recommend you begin at least 3 months before your big day to make sure you have enough time to learn and perfect your first dance.

What’s the best attire to wear during a dance class session?

The best attire is whatever you feel comfortable and confident moving in. It is also a great idea to practice in your wedding shoes or something similar to the ones that you will wear at your wedding.

Are classes suitable for both beginner and skilled dancers?

Whether someone is a beginner or a professional dancer, there are always new and exciting steps to be learned in the world of dance. At Duet Dance Studio, we specialize in highly customized private dance lessons that allow you to progress at your own pace, which makes our classes suitable for dancers of all levels and experiences.


Are group bridal party sessions available? If so, what are the maximum number of people allowed during one session?

Yes, we offer private group dance lessons for the bridal party, parents and family members of the bride and groom. They are super fun and BYOB! We can teach as many as 30 people in one session.

How may we learn more about scheduling a class with Duet Dance Studio?
You can find us on Dabble.
Enjoy 20% off a Dabble class today, you can learn more here.
We also offer a convenient online scheduler through our website (
If you have any questions about scheduling or wish to speak with us, feel free to send us an email to or call 312.823.8199.

This post is sponsored by in partnership with Duet Dance Studio in Chicago. All opinions are my own.

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