On this Saturday morning, I want to fill your hearts with a bit of love inspiration! Read their amazing love story sent to me by, Naa Koweh Allotey. May GOD continue to bless your union.

Naa Koweh Allotey wrote: 

I met my husband for the first time in 2006, first year in the university. He was my friend’s shy room mate. I was the noisy girl who nicknamed him, ‘fine boy’. Of course, he never noticed me. My friend never gave him my number, he got out of school and I forgot all about him.


I met him again in November 2011, After my cousin gave me her friend’s number to call in order to inquire about something I needed. Unknown to me, at the other end of the line was my soul mate, my ‘fine boy’, best friend, future husband, the man who has brought me back my ability to be awed .

I called this young man that fateful day in November 2011 and after my inquiries, I chose to chat with him longer for some unknown reason. At that instance, a friendship was reborn. We talked about everything under the sun. After months of chatting,we finally decided to meet face to face at a local restaurant for a dinner date. Imagine the look on my face when I realized the voice at the other end of the phone was no one but my ‘fine boy’. The first date went really well, which led to several other dates and finally a relationship.


From the day, we started dating and  I have learnt a lot in such a short time but the most important lesson is, people can grow together without being together. I love him more than I did back in 2006 and even more than I did in 2011.On 23rd March 2013, he asked me to marry him in the most romantic manner ever. I cried, laughed and screamed and on 09.11.13

I married my best-friend, my homey, my lover, my friend, my sunshine., my fine boy… and as I call him, my ONE SIMPLE REASON!!!!


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Have an amazing weekend! xo

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