Mane Monday: How to get frizz-free hair on your Wedding Day!

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If you are a Natural Hair Bride to be seeking  a controlled slick look for your wedding day there are many products available to help combat fizziness that may occur. With last minute worries and panicked bridesmaids your hair should be the least of your worries.

One key to a no frizz zone is to deep condition your hair. Any deep conditioning treatment is good but Creme of Nature Deep conditioning puts moisture back into your hair because of the argan oil ingredient. “Layering moisture is the best way to combat frizz”, says Enyd Scott Licensed Make-up Artist and Hair stylist. Crème of Nature Deep Conditioning Treatment is available at your local beauty supply store and drugstore.

The second key to getting frizzy and dull hair looking shiny and smooth is using a frizz controlling serum. Not only does the serum protect hair of frizz it also controls through humidity and high temperatures.

John Friede , Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Serum

frizz free


John Friede,Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution keeps moisture in and fights and controls humidity in high temperatures. The lightweight serum is not heavy and won’t weigh down hair. The Sheer Solution product is available at most drugstores.

Frizz is caused by lack of moisture and to keep the moisture in use a t-shirt or a paper towel instead of using a towel which can strip the hair of natural oils.



Solano Hair Diffuser


solano hair diffuser

Try a diffuser, its takes away some of the damaging heat that can cause breakage, hair loss and stray away hairs. Any local beauty supply will carry a diffuser attachment that you can add to your own blow-dryer at home.

The Solano Hair Diffuser is a simple diffuser that can be used on most blow-dryers and available online.

With these products and your dream wedding hairstyle you will look flawless and fierce when you’re ready to say I do! Share with us your products you use to fight frizzys!

Use products with moisturizing elements: “Using a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and setting product will impart moisture without making your hair weighed down by oils”, says Scott.

Use Oil Olive: “adding a few drops of olive oil to leave-in conditioner helps lock in moisture and retain style”, says Scott.

Did you aim for a more slicker look on your wedding day? Share with us your wedding day photos and story by emailing:

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