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I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Real Bride,  Jacqueline (Jackie)Brown. When she married the love of her life, Jackie hair was permed hair, she later Big Chopped and will be renewing her vows as a Natural Hair Bride. Read her story below.

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Wedding Date: July 19, 2008

Wedding colors: Royal blue and white,  the colors of his fraternity phi beta sigma.

Bridesmaid count: Four

Bridal gown style:  Sweet Heart Neckline

Location: Our wedding was held at my family church on the south side of Chicago. Our reception was at Nikos Restaurant and Banquet Hall where we had a family style dinner.

NHB: How did you meet?

Jackie: We met at age 18 while in the army reserves going for our military training.

NHB: What was your husband response to you cutting off your hair?

Jackie: My husband prefers my hair longer that’s about all. he says that it looks more styled when it has some length to it. I have had short hair while relaxed then grown it long then i decided to big chop donate the hair and start off from a natural TWA.

NHB: Where did you donate your hair?

Jackie: Locs of Love

NHB: What style would you rock to renew your vows?

Jackie: We plan to renew our vows sometime in the future. By then my hair will more than likely be alot longer so I would plan to do some type of half up-do with lots of twists and turns to showcase how unique and lovely natural hair is. I plan to rock my original wedding gown, Why? Because I’ve never seen anyone do it before, they always wear something new. Why buy an expensive gown to only wear it once?

NHB: Most unforgettable moments of your wedding day.

Jackie: If I had to pick the top two they would be: 1.When I looked at him as I came down the aisle, he looked as if he had never seen me look so great! 2. When I shoved the ring onto his finger and the pastor said, “she intended on you never removing it ever again”.

NHB: Word of advice for the newly engaged.

Jackie: Just because you are committed to be married does not mean their will be an all of a sudden change. So, if things were fine before… they will continue to be that way as long as you continue to work at it the same as before you were married.


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Left:Permed hair Right: Natural Hair

Left. Permed hair
Right Natural Hair

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