How To Get Your Girl’s Ring Size Without Her Knowing

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How To Get Your Girl’s Ring Size Without Her Knowing

You’ve found the perfect partner for you, and now you’re ready to pop the question. But wait,
you haven’t bought a ring yet. Getting your girl’s ring size is the first big step to finding the perfect engagement ring,  following the budget planning and jeweler research. The problem is
you have to keep everything under wraps to not ruin the surprise. Fortunately, there are several ways to do that.

How To Get Your Girl's Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Borrow One of Her Rings
While this method may sound easy, it actually calls for a few days or a week of observation
before a successful execution. If your girl is incredibly fond of her accessories, she likely
keeps track of them all the time. It can be easy to spot a missing piece when all the other pieces are neatly organized.
The key to this tactic is to get the timing right. Make sure that she’s out for a whole day so you have enough time to get the borrowed ring to the jeweler and return it without her noticing. Does she have an out of town trip planned anytime soon? Capitalize on that moment to successfully and secretly get her ring size.

Sometimes the right timing just doesn’t arrive no matter how long you wait. When that happens, you should create your own opportunity to get her out of the house for a whole day. Treat her to a spa day or ask a friend to take her shopping. If that fails, you can just secretly take the ring, measure it yourself, and trace its both the inner and outer outline on a paper.
If this method fails, you can try other strategies to get her ring size. Engagement rings aren’t
cheap, and getting one resized may cause extra. You save money by getting the right size.
Consider buying conflict-free discount diamond ring so you can spend more on giving your
girlfriend an unforgettable proposal.

How To Get Your Girl's Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Ask Her Family or Friends
Since you’re keeping it secret from the direct source (i.e., your girlfriend), you have to find
reliable alternative sources to get the information you need. You partner’s mom, sister, or best
friends may have the insight on her ring size. If you haven’t gotten around to it, this is the perfect time to talk to her parents about marriage.
The best way to keep a secret is to tell nobody. But if you really must, be careful to whom you’ll confide in. Choose the family member or friend who’s the most discreet and her most frequent shopping partner. Chances are, she’s told them her ring size before. Keep the details sparse when you explain to her family or friends so there will still be an element of surprise if things don’t go as planned.

Capitalize on Sleeping Time
If your girlfriend is a heavy sleeper, then you’re in luck. You shouldn’t have much problem
getting her ring size while she sleeps. It sounds creepy and stalkerish, but it’s all for a good
cause. Just make sure she’s in deep slumber before you commence the operation. The only
real challenge in this method is keeping your plan secret before and after its implementation.
First, ensure you secure the ring sizer in somewhere your girlfriend wouldn’t see but relatively
easy for you to get. You wouldn’t want to wake her up while looking for it. Then check if she’s
truly sleeping before using the ring sizer and getting her ring size.
Jot down the measurement as a precaution. Put it in your phone, text it to your friend. Come
next morning, make sure you erase all your traces and behave the same as usual so she
doesn’t get suspicious.
In the event that she does wake up, prepare a plausible excuse. You’ve come this far; you can’t afford to mess up now.

Enlist the Help of Friends

Have one of your friends (or hers) ask your girlfriend for help with shopping for a ring for their
partner, who has more or less the same ring size as her. They can say it’s for their partner’s
birthday, their anniversary, or a Christmas present. Make sure the reason actually fits the
occasion in case your girlfriend hears from the partner.If a partner is out of the picture, they can say it’s a present for their mother or a close female relative.
Remember to choose a friend who’s very discreet, good at acting, and close to your girlfriend.
She might get suspicious if one of your friends, who she’s not familiar with, randomly asks her
for help to shop for rings.

Final Thoughts
Secretly getting your girlfriend’s ring size is one of the most challenging parts of planning the proposal. The circumstances may not allow you to do some of the options above. If you can’t
get her exact ring size, get a bigger ring. It’s easier to size down than size up. Just ask your
jeweler ahead of time if the ring is resizable.

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