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A high bun or low bun is a popular yet elegant style to decrease frizz and still maintain the look you want throughout your wedding day.This style is so simple! If you plan to style your own wedding day hair this would be perfect!

Understandably, for some, frizz can create a whirlwind of problems for you wedding day especially if your seeking a sleeker look for  photos. Some of the best remedies to decrease frizz are; the use of oils such as: extra virgin olive oil, Coconut Oil and Pure Jojoba Oil .Trimming your ends can decrease frizz as well as using gels or pomades.

Here’s 3 Tips For A Successful High Top Bun:

How To Achieve Frizzless High Bun Flyer

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1. Frizzless Bun: To achieve a frizzless high top bun you will need a spray bottle of water, your favorite styling gel ( I recommend Eco Styler)  and a satin scarf. Spray your hair with water, just enough to allow flexibility then stretch your hair and smooth it out using your hands in an upward motion. Apply Eco Style Gel, Olive Oil to the edges of your hair and use either Denman Classic Styling Brush
or a Soft Boar Bristle Brush to lay down any fly away hairs.

2. Gathering The Bun: Using a Goody Ouchless Headband you want to wrap the band around your head twice. Gently slide your headband up as if you were making a ponytail puff, which is another style option.

3. Forming The Bun: Now that you’ve smoothed your hair and gathered your hair into a bun, your next step is create your bun shape. The trick to this is bobby pins! I like to use the Curved Jumbo Bob Pins because my hair feels a bit more secure and requires less pins. Take your hair and pull it into a circular motion, pull and tuck the ends as you go and secure them with the Curved Jumbo Bob Pins.

Taren Guy shows us how to create a simple high top bun for thick natural hair.

BeautifulBrwnBabyDol shares tips to a sleek natural hair high top bun with medium length hair.

Will you try this style for your wedding day or special occasion? Let me know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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