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Excited to share with you a love story of a beautiful couple who met on a dating site and fell in love. Read about this real natural hair bride with gorgeous red hair and her dapper husband as she shares words of advice to newly engaged couples like you, her wedding day hair and most favorite wedding moments.

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Found Love On Dating Site | NaturalHairBride

Real Natural Hair Bride | Chinique and Alleo Gordon


Word of advice for the newly engaged on preparation for their wedding day:  Make sure you plan the wedding you both want.  Friends and family will want to chime in with their ideas but it’s your special day so if it doesn’t feel right, don’t include it.  Keep to budget as best as possible, it’s not worth getting into debt for an occasion that only lasts one day, your union is the main reason for your celebration, always keep that at front of your mind, everything else is a bonus.  Lean on the people who care about you, we were blessed to have very talented family and friends who all helped us with no hesitation for every aspect of our wedding, it meant that we spent a fraction of the cost that most couples spend on their weddings, to us it was just as we wanted it and that’s all that matters.


How did you meet?  We actually met online through a dating site, no it’s not something I’d recommend but it worked for us.  I’d actually planned to delete my details from the site but something told me to check my messages one last time, that was the day that we first made contact.

Real Natural Hair Bride | Chinique and Alleo Gordon

Most unforgettable moments of your wedding day: My favourite moment from our day was our reception entrance, we did the “Jump on It” dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  We didn’t tell anyone so even our parents and bridal party were surprised, it was so much fun.  For our entertainment we played a Mr & Mrs game which involved chat up lines in Nigerian & Jamaican accents, singing & a bridal party dance off.  We love to laugh and have fun so, entertainment had to play a big part.

Wedding Details: 

Location:  London, England

Theme: For our love of music

Wedding Date: 30th October 2014

Wedding Color: Yellow and grey

Bridesmaid Count: 6

Bridal Gown Style: A Line

Real Natural Hair Bride | Chinique and Alleo Gordon

Real Natural Hair Bride | Chinique and Alleo Gordon

Describe your hairstyle on your wedding day: I dyed my hair red, had it slicked back on one side, with twists on the other side and it was rolled and tucked at the back, we added some extra hair for volume.

Where did you get the style idea? I found a few styles I liked on pinterest and instagram using the hashtag #NaturalHairBride.  I then sent them to my sisters friend who styled my hair and let her work her magic.

Hair products used? We kept the hair products used very simple, it was just  a combination of Shea Butter and ECOCO Eco Style Gel.

Photography by: Gina Isenberg & Richard Kerr

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