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I love learning more about the creator of a brand/company! It allows me to fall in love more with their product or service. As you know, we recently launched NHB’s Preferred Vendor Listing, where you can find the vendors you need for your wedding planning or special occasion. As we hand pick the perfect vendors for you, we will be sharing a Q&A or specialty tips, to help you get to know more about the business owner. Carrie of Tipsy Turtle Gallery is definitely a winner! After reading her rave reviews from clients and speaking with her over the phone, I knew that customer service and quality invitations is her number one goal. Learn more below:

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#FeatureFriday | Tipsy Turtle Gallery

#FeatureFriday | Tipsy Turtle Gallery

Briefly tell us about Tipsy Turtle Gallery and how you started the company?

I started Tipsy Turtle Gallery after designing invitations for friends and family. My husband and a couple of close friends talked me into going into business. I started a shop on Etsy and have grown to add a website too. If it wasn’t for the support of my husband, dad, stepmom, brother, friends and family, I wouldn’t be here.


What sets Tipsy Turtle Gallery apart from other invitation companies?

When I spoke to you, Roshunda, on the phone the other day, it sounded like you almost cringed when you said the word quirky. You were not the first person I have heard that from. At first when I heard that from other professionals I thought, “Wow. Is that really the look I am trying to set?” The more I hear that word the more it makes me smile. But it is also the words that follow-romantic, new, and fresh, that I like to hear. So I would say my designs stand out. You can find some that are simple and I always try to add just that one quirk to them. I just can’t help it. When you take a look at my work you can tell one thing. I am not afraid of color!

#FeatureFriday | Tipsy Turtle Gallery

What are some of your best selling invitations?

Some of the best wedding Invitations are Library Wedding, 50th Wedding Anniversary, Cupcakes and Cocktails Bridal Shower, Girls Night Out Bridal Shower, and the Spring and Summer Wedding Invitation.

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When you’re not crafting sweet invitations, what do you enjoy doing?

When I am not looking for new ideas or researching, I am spending time with friends and family, cruising with my husband or watching STL Cardinal Baseball on TV.

How can we learn more about you and Tipsy Turtle Gallery?

You can find our blog on our website. Just like my designs, my website is quirky and not a traditional blog. I will be posting new designs and random things I find interesting and neat in and around the bridal area. All comments are welcome. Just remember to be kind and love one another. Ask me questions about anything, send me an email at Carrie@tipsyturtlegallery.com visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

If your interested in becoming a NHB Preferred Vendor, send us an email at: Info@NaturalHairBride.com or visit ADVERTISE page, here.


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