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Don’t you just get all mushy inside reading a love letter or story? Well, I’m the same as you, today, I’m sharing an engagement love story from one of our beloved Instagram followers, Wemi! Thanks for reaching out!! Read the details of how Wemi’s fiancee’ popped the question and her wedding details plus how she will style her natural tresses when it’s time to say I- Do! Enjoy.

Miss Wemi Engagement Story

On the night of the proposal, New Years Eve, Dave and Wemi planned on going to church. Before heading off Dave decided to do prepare to ask for Wemi’s hand in marriage. He sneaked off to the porch and ……..

As he braved the frigid cold weather and readied a final surprise, he messaged Wemi “Please look in my nightstand, there’s a letter for you”. Up she went to check this letter. It was titled “Our Love”.  After outlining the beauty, strength and passion that had grown, the letter guided her to Dave’s dresser to find “Our First Date”.

“Our First Date” focused on how nervous Dave was and how much effort he had put in – just to come up short by wearing a wrinkled shirt. Next was “Our First Kiss”. This was an important one because it lead back to the moment of ignition. It was the moment when Wemi finally realized, “this could be real”. The letters navigated Wemi down to the kitchen for “Our First Meal”.

This was a recollection of how terrible a chef Dave was and how much he has grown to share in Wemi’s love of food. The final letter was titled “Our First Trip” which described some of the greatest memories shared between the two in such beautiful landscapes.
Meanwhile, it’s about 25 minutes later and Dave is still standing in the freezing cold. The last letter informed Wemi to check the garage. Upon opening the door, the doorbell rang. There, with an icicle dangling from his nose, was Dave. He held in his hands flip-cards that read like so:

  • Wemi (please read aloud)
  • I have 20 seconds starting now
  • Filled with courage and bravery
  • Words can’t even measure how much I love you!
  • You’re flawless in so many ways
  • You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re fun, you’re kind
  • And you’re reading so fast…
  • That I still have 5 seconds to spare
  • * Dave proceeds to profess his love aloud *
  • PLEASE say YES!!

NaturalHairBride.com - Engagement Story Wemi

Wedding Details: 

Theme: The Love Dare, an elegant night at the movies with Dave and Wemi

Inspiration: I was definitely inspired by NaturalHairBride.com! At the time I got engaged, I was half way through my transitioning journey so I had to make a decision whether I would continue to transition or whether to relax my hair. A friend of mine recommended that I follow your Instagram page for some great bridal pictures and when I saw the natural brides, I was convinced that I could continue on my journey through my wedding planning and eventually wedding day.

Wedding Date: August 31, 2014

Wedding Colour: Red and Silver

Bridesmaid Count: 5

Bridal Gown Style: 2 Dresses, a Vera Wang ball gown and a Greta Constantine reception dress

When did we meet: we met on my first day at the job in February 2012, he was one of my coworkers

How will you wear your hair: natural updo

How long have you been natural: started transitioning in August 2013 and became fully natural 3 weeks ago. I cut the rest of my relaxed ends

Check out their wedding website here: http://www.daveandwemi.com
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