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Share your proposal story? Cakes and I already knew we wanted to get married, and had started talking about it and discussing our dream wedding and engagement rings. My birthday was coming up, and I’d always thought it was tacky for guys to propose on a birthday (because I want a birthday present too!), so I let him know beforehand not to do it. I share my birthday with a friend of mine, and she’d arranged for a few of us to have dinner at her house. The theme was Glitz and Glam, and I chose a red lace top and gold sequined skirt for dinner. That weekend, my sister had suggested long-distance Girl-Bonding time (she lives in Atlanta and I’m in Lagos, Nigeria) for us to get our nails done, so I was prepared. I asked Cakes to drop me off at my friend’s house because I didn’t want to deal with traffic. Dinner was FABULOUS! We had a Nigerian celebrity chef serve a 5-course meal, and a photographer to capture the evening. After dinner, we planned to go out for drinks, but the other girls were lazing about in the living room and I noticed they were acting funny. They were whispering to each other, and would clam up or change topic when I got close. Eventually, I sat at the dining table to talk to my cousin, and a minute later, in walks Cakes from the kitchen, all dressed up! He got down on one knee and said my full name, while I hid my face in the table (I was crying). It took me a while to compose myself, but I finally lifted my head up and embraced him with a kiss! I don’t actually remember saying Yes, lol.
I kinda had an inkling that the proposal was going to happen soon, because he was being secretive the week before he proposed. It turns out my sister had helped him buy the ring in Atlanta, and my mum delivered it to him on her way back into the country, 2 weeks before.
BTW – I’ve forgiven him for proposing on my birthday :p

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Wedding Details: Traditional Wedding (Rivers State), White Wedding (Lagos State), Nigeria
Wedding Date: Late 2013/Early 2014
Wedding Color: Traditional (Not sure), White (Black/White/Turquoise)
Bridesmaid Count: None
Bridal gown style: Mermaid

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When did you and your fiancée meet? March 2012 at The Waterbrook Church, in Lagos.
How will you wear your hair on your wedding day? I’m still researching styles. I definitely want to leave my hair out. It might be a bun or a pin/tuck variation.
How long have you been natural? My last relaxer was in 2006. I’ve chopped my hair 3 times since then (BC, and 2 trims-turned-chops).
You can find this blushing bride to be on her blog at : http://berrydakara.blogspot.com

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