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We love sharing love stories and today we introduce to you: Mr. & Mrs. Tamine & Paula Lima! Read the deets on how he proposed, bridal gown style, hair inspiration and more! Let us know your thoughts via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to PIN with us on Pinterest and send us an email to receive a questionnaire to feature your wedding or engagement on NaturalHairBride.com. 
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Photographer: Dois Em Um Fotografia
Our Love Story: Tamine and I met in Salvador, Brazil in 2009. Tamine is from Guinea-Bissau (West Africa) and I am from the US (Washington, DC). When we first met, Tamine was an international student finishing up his undergraduate degree at a local university and I was conducting research. We met at on the dance floor at a party. From the moment we locked eyes from across the dance floor, I knew that I had found something special. The spark was immediate and the chemistry was undeniable. After the party, we exchanged numbers and scheduled to meet up a few days later. On our first date, Tamine took me to an outdoor music festival at one of the most popular beaches in Salvador. We met in the late afternoon, sat on the sand, watched the sunset together, drank Caipirinhas, listened to music, danced, swam and had great conversations. A few short weeks later, I finished up my research project and had to return to DC. Tamine and I agreed to keep in touch online while I was back in the US. We chatted online almost everyday for hours and quickly built a strong foundation of friendship. Six months later, I returned to Salvador for what I thought was going to be a short work trip. When I returned to Salvador, Tamine really swept me off my feet. It was as if I had never left. From day one in Salvador, we spent every day together and fell deeply in love. I fell so deeply in love with Tamine that I ended up cancelling my return trip back to the US so that we could be together. We have been living together in Salvador ever since!


Our Engagement Story: Tamine asked me to marry him on the night of our second anniversary. That night he took me to a beautiful, super romantic restaurant that is on the top floor of a building that has a gorgeous view of Salvador. After dinner, we went home and while I was changing into my pajamas, Tamine called me into the living room where he surprised me with candlelight, champagne and romantic music. Then, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. It was the most romantic night of my life!

Paula Mans Engagement Natural Hair Bride

Engagement Photo Shoot Details: (Date: August 9th, 2014   Location: Itacimirim, Brazil) For our engagement photo shoot, we decided to pay homage to our first date and have at sunset on the beach. We went to a beautiful, little beach town thirty minutes outside of Salvador called Itacimirim. We wanted our engagement photo shoot to really reflect our personalities and our style. We both decided to wear neutral lighter colors because we wanted the natural beauty of Itacimirim and our love for each other to really shine through in our photos! We also chose have our photo shoot on the beach because we wanted to give our wedding guests a sneak peek of the wedding which was held at a small bed-and-breakfast hotel on a nearby beach.

Paula Mans Engagement Natural Hair Bride

Wedding Details: Our wedding was held on September 6th in Arembepe, Brazil at the Pousada A Capela Hotel. The Pousada A Capela (which means The Chapel Hotel in Portuguese) is a small, lovely bed-and-breakfast hotel located thirty minutes outside of Salvador. We chose Pousada A Capela because it has a chapel on it’s property, which is where we had our ceremony, and it is right in front of a private beach.
Wedding Date: Our wedding colors were classic white and green. We wanted our wedding decorations to be light and be in harmony with the wedding location. The natural backdrop of the hotel was so beautiful with the beach and the Chapel, that we wanted to let the natural beauty of the location to really speak for itself.
Bridesmaid Count: I had one bridesmaid.
Bridal gown style: On my wedding day, I wore an Allure Couture Style gown with beautiful beading.

Paula Mans Engagement Natural Hair Bride

How will you wear your hair on your wedding day? For my wedding day, I wanted a very sleek, classic and romantic look. In Salvador, it’s almost impossible to find a stylist that knows how to work with natural hair, so I ended up doing my own hair. I flat ironed my hair, parted it to the side, added kanekelon hair to add volume in the back and put it in a chignon.

Paula Mans Engagement Natural Hair Bride

How has Natural Hair Bride influenced your styling decision? Natural Hair Bride has been a big source of inspiration for planning my wedding. There are not many bridal references for women of color, and even less so for brides with natural hair, in the US but it’s even more difficult to find such references in Brazil. Doing all of my wedding planning and bridal styling research in Brazil was especially daunting for this very reason. I really looked to sites like Natural Hair Bride to see images of women that looked like me getting married! I can honestly say that Natural Hair Bride was an invaluable resource to me during my wedding planning process! Thank you!


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