Do You Know Why Using Eco-Friendly Hair & Beauty Products Is Vital?

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Do You Know Why Using Eco-Friendly Hair & Beauty Products Is Vital?

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You probably don’t even think about the fact that you use hair and beauty products on a regular basis. Why should you? You’ve used them since your teenage years more than likely. Everyone loves looking good, as it boosts their self-esteem and confidence, and it often can help generate a better social response from others. It’s a hard truth, but it’s actually something that can help in quite a few industries and career paths.

Staying clean and beautiful is also a matter of staying healthy and aging gracefully, or just fighting it off completely. However, you might have recently become aware of how much damage such products can do, not only to you, but also the environment. Hair salons have taken quite a beating in reputation from environmentalists for the pollution they allegedly generate. Traditional hair dyes and shampoos have hurtful chemicals and compounds in them that you might not want on your scalp, or even going down your city drain.

If you’re thinking you should switch to eco-friendly hair and beauty products but are having trouble verbalizing why, then keep reading to learn 7 specific reasons you should either make the switch at a personal level or start using a salon that offers such products to consumers who request them:

1) Take Care of Yourself: Those many harmful chemicals and harsh compounds in conventional or traditional products are not things you might not notice at first. However, if you look into them and find out what they are individually, you might get disgusted at the thought of eating or drinking them. If that’s the case, why would you apply them to your skin where they can be absorbed anyway? Not all cause cancer or death, but they can actually hurt your health over time, so in some cases, they actually accelerate the very aging process you might be trying to compensate for or cover up.

2) Take Care of Others: Are you the only one that uses your health and beauty products? Are you sure your friends never borrow a little? Your lover or kids? Guests in your home? If you’re pregnant, then you have someone suffering the consequences of your choices, and he or she has no say in the matter, much less the ability to know what’s going on. If you’re using any kinds of mists or sprays, there’s no telling who is breathing it in.

3) Take Care of Animals: This goes two ways. First, eco-friendly products are far less likely to be a source of danger to your curious and nosy pets. Secondly, if you believe that animals shouldn’t be harmed needlessly, it would be in alignment with your personal beliefs (especially many vegetarian or vegan points of view) to only buy products that are certified as cruelty-free.

4) Keep the Atmosphere Clear: Hairsprays were once thought of as an environmental evil, although international efforts and legislation have gone a long way towards cleaning them up and any supposed impact on the ozone layer. While the work is far from done, they’re a lot better than they used to be. Still, some sprays and mists might have other poisons and pollutants you don’t want to breathe locally or get in layered into the furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, and rugs or carpets of your home.


5) Keep Water Clean: Even if you apply health and beauty products sparingly, you’ll have some excess. You’ll certainly send them down the drain when you wash them off, even if that’s the next morning shower you take. That gets into the local water supply, hits cities downstream, and eventually winds up in the oceans and impacts the food chain of the whole world.

6) Keep Soil Pure: Not all hair and beauty product waste winds up in the water, as it can impact soil too. Any product that goes to waste can wind up in a landfill and really impact your local area. It’s also possible that runoff from the production process hits the water and land somewhere far away.

7) Promote Sustainability: Some products use substances that might be in limited supply that simply aren’t getting replenished. In order for future generations of humanity to enjoy the same standards of living and quality of comfort that you do, there have to be enough resources left for them to use too. Sustainably developed products don’t use more of the world’s resources than they can give back or expect to see naturally replenished over time. The use of petroleum in many products or their means of transportation and shipping goes a long way here.

As you shop for hair and beauty products that adhere to these 7 eco-friendly guidelines, do not assume for a minute that all the products falling in this circle aren’t as effective as their polluting or hurtful counterparts. Some of them are just as good as anything else on the market, so it’s just a matter of finding out which ones they are and then testing them out for yourself.

Also, keep in mind packaging in all cases. It might feel great to get a green or organic product such as Three Squares Oil – best hair oil, but if the packaging it comes in isn’t sustainably sourced or recyclable, then you could be buying something that counteracts itself and defeats the purpose. In some cases, products might come in glass, which is always reusable. Other refillable containers are also just as good. Yet more products make their packaging from sustainably sourced forests that were replanted before the products even hit the market, and a few even go so far as to make their packaging from completely biodegradable materials that can even be replanted!

Fortunately, a growing number of eco-friendly hair and beauty products is penetrating the marketplace, and the number of companies making them is also growing, in response to rising awareness and demand for such products from both consumers and investors alike. You can use these products to stay beautiful and healthy while also helping the world retain its own health and beauty along the way!

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