DIY Date Night

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DIY Date Night

Mother Nature doesn’t care about your date night. Let’s get real, winter is not a wonderland with snow angels and snowmen, it’s slippery and slushy and there’s nothing romantic about sliding on the sidewalk, clinging to your date for stability. Whether you’ve been married for years or dating for a few weeks, stay warm with these indoor date suggestions in the comfort of your own home.

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Bon Appétit!


Who says the woman has to do all the work, turn cooking into an exciting activity for two. Select a tasty recipe that you both enjoy, then take turns completing each step (if you’ll chop the vegetables, I’ll boil the rice). Make your meal challenging, Ramen noodles are unacceptable (if you’ll boil the noodles, I’ll add the seasoning). Here are some date night recipes for you and your spouse to enjoy

Home Spa


Hotel resort and spa, ain’t nobody got time for that! Transform your bedroom into a luxury spa with scented candles and oils. Lather your lover with lavender oil, soothe your spouse with shea butter. You’re both hard workers that deserve a break, pamper each other for a relaxing evening at home.

Healthy Competition


Challenge your date to a board or video game. Bust out Monopoly and send your sweetheart to jail. Why go clubbing when you can bring the party to your living room with Just Dance 4 on Xbox Kinect.

Don’t let the winter weather ruin your date night again, stay warm and cozy with a diy date night.

I hope these date night ideas inspire you! Let us know on Facebook Instagram or Twitter what your plans are for the weekend!

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