Date Night: 3 Ways To Get In The Mood

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Ladies, It may not be so easy to turn it on then turn it off. Date Nights are intended for the most part to be romantic, one on one time to relax and enjoy each other, to initiate a certain activity you may not have had time for during the week (wink). But what if you just don’t feel like it? What if he’s not in the mood and your tired of persuading him to get it right? Well, here’s a few tips to get in the mood for Date Night!

1. Call in sick

Remember when you would ditch school to stay at home and be with your love? or was that just me….. Anywho, it’s nothing wrong with using one of your sick days to spice up your love life at home! Get the kids ready as if it’s a regular work day BUT you’ve already called in sick and so have your spouse. Drop the kids off at school then hop right back in the bed for some fun time under the covers! There’s nothing like spending an entire day with your significant other.

2. Rev up with a game of sports.

Some men love it when you get a little sweaty! Some men love a little competition too. Put on your gym shoes and head to the park for a day of tennis. Grab a few friends and play his favorite sport, touch football. Either way after you’ve won, there may be a great reward!  (wink)

3. Invite friends over for a cocktail reception

Maybe the mood is lost because you’ve seen too much of each other! Add some friends to the mix for a fun night of drinks and chatter. During the party, as the wine and  spirits begin to sink in, dash away for some frisky time with your significant other. No one will notice.

We hope that this tips spark it up a bit for your planned Date Night. Don’t forget to chat it up with us on Instagram  Facebook, or Twitter.


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