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Good Morning Loves,

How cute is this proposal, OMG! Chris entire family was involved to make this proposal memorable! I look forward to see how you two will make your wedding day as special as your proposal. Congratulations, we love it. Let us know your thoughts via Facebook, Instragram or Twitter.

Chat soon,

Photographer: Kate Roy

Our Proposal:

Christopher proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2013 with the help of his 4 brothers. (I attached a picture) His family usually goes to Catholic mass on Christmas Eve; so prior to us leaving the house Chris asked me to take a picture of him and his family. This isn’t unusual after 7 years and multiple visits to his home. Then Chris and I take a photo, this time Chris requested we take a picture with all of his brothers. As I get ready to pose Chris hands me a card that basically reads welcome to the family, he drops to one knee and his brothers reveal shirts that have the words…Will You Marry Me…The rest brought us here.

Christina and Chris Proposal

 Wedding Details: 

Wedding Location Bella Springs Boerne Tx

Wedding Date: September 6, 2015  | Wedding Color: Ivory, Grey and Champagne

Bridesmaid Count: 5 | Bridal Gown Style: Mermaid, form fitted silhouette, sweetheart neck, tulle and lace skirt and corset back

When did you and your fiance’ meet? I met my fiancé while in the U. S. Marine Corps we were both stationed together in Iwakuni Japan Fall 2006 and began dating summer 2007

How will you wear your hair on your wedding day? I will either wear my hair in a Big Voluminous Afro or a goddess crown braid if I can fine a stylist to do it.

How has NHB influenced your styling decision? Natural Hair Bride has influenced my entire decision for everything, from my dress, veil, necklace, earrings and makeup. I think the bigger the hair the less jewelry and make-up I’ll need. If you look at the majority of brides of color you’ll see the very sleek and tamed hairstyles that don’t allow for a strand to be out of place. That’s ok for some but not for me. The beauty of MY natural hair, all of the strands are perfectly out of place and no one can tell the difference. On my wedding day I would not want to have to worry about sweating my edges out because they will all ready be out :).   I smile bigger when I wear my hair in its natural state, I feel sexier, and bolder. So on my wedding day I want people to notice not only the love that I have for Christopher but my beauty in its entirety. That includes my slightly untamed yet perfect hair, my huge smile and my dark skin.

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