Best Luggage for Honeymoon Travel

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After you’ve said your I-Do’s, its time to Get A Way and enjoy some one on one time with your hubby. We want you to travel as stylish as you can be. So, ditch those old bags and check out the different types of stylish luggage options available for your honeymoon and every trip to come. Don’t worry if this doesn’t fit your budget, just add your favorite luggage to your Wedding Registry via Amazon Wedding Registry options are endless which is why I love it so. You can have a FREE Amazon Wedding Registry, here.  Now let’s chat suitcases and such….

The Rolling Suitcase

Best Luggage for Honeymoon Travel

This style suitcase is the most ideal for all of your travel needs!It has a hard shell to absorb impact, side carry handles for easy lifting, a spacious main compartment and its so freaking cute! Take a peek at this stylish luggage here: Traveler’s Choice Hard-Shell Spinning Rolling Luggage Set

The Duffel Bag

Best Luggage for Honeymoon Travel

A rolling Duffel Bag will allow for a smooth mobility. It has comfortable handle straps just in case you want to pick it up instead of rolling and has many compartments for better organization. This Samsonite Bag in particular is a winner and inexpensive. Get the deets on this bag here: Samsonite Luggage Wheeled Duffel

The Carry On Bag

Best Luggage for Honeymoon Travel

Having a handy carry on bag is great for saving some extra cash at the airport. It’s also more convenient to carry a smaller bag to save space and it allows you to pack what you really need for the trip. I love this carry-on bag because the straps are detachable. Check it out here: Carry On Bag

The Garment Bag

Best Luggage for Honeymoon Travel

I love a handy and cute garment bag! Perfect, lightweight and stylish to keep your fancier pieces of clothing free from wrinkles. Take a peek at this 40inch Garment Bag, here.


Surprisingly all of these items are available in one location, less work for you! Shop Amazon Fashion – Luggage and Travel Gear Let us know where you plan to travel via Facebook, Instragram or Twitter.
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