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Good Morning! I’m excited to bring to you a “Behind The Brush” guest post with Makeup Artist Lena Clark. She’s sharing exclusive details about one of our latest styled shoots which I shared with you ladies here. I had tons of fun styling the model and working with Lena. Read the full deets on this gorgeous makeup look below.

Lena writes: The overall theme for this styled photo shoot was simple:  classic and romantic.  The makeup is all about enhancing what is already there and allowing natural beauty to shine through.  To keep the makeup in line with the theme of the shoot, I designed a look based on soft shades of pink and topped it all off with some extra glamorous wispy eyelashes.

Before and After - Natural Hair Bride

Consider the following tips to achieve a similar look for your wedding day, date night, or special event:

1. There are always new trends when it comes to makeup – hello ombré lips!  One trend that is ALWAYS in and will NEVER go out of style is skin.  A clean solid base will bring any look together.  While makeup can cover many flaws and imperfections, having a blemish free canvas to work on will provide you with the best makeup application possible.  Establish a skin care regimen that works for you, your lifestyle, and your skin type; and stay hydrated by drinking water.  My wedding date is in July 2015 and I have already started working with a Dermatologist to help clear my canvas, but three to six months is usually a good time frame to see improvement in your skin.  Don’t worry if you want to try this look sooner rather than later but don’t have perfect skin.  Use a fuller coverage foundation and/or concealer to even out your complexion and cover any blemishes.  For this specific look I went with matte skin but adding a slightly shimmery highlighter or illuminator to the high planes of the face will give the skin a beautiful glow and make the whole look more current.

2. Because this look is all about working with what is already there be sure to keep your products as light as possible and use a gentle hand.  You don’t want this look to appear heavy handed.  Use quality products and a little will go a loooooooong way.  Maybe you don’t have any blemishes or imperfections on your skin.  Great!  Use a tinted moisturizer instead of a full coverage foundation.  Already have the perfectly pink pout?  Use a lip gloss for a sheer lip color instead of a heavier opaque lipstick.  If you already have full eyebrows with a beautiful arch there is no need to redraw them and/or sculpt them with concealer.  Simply brush a clear or tinted brow gel through them to hold them in place and continue on to the next step.  In other words, less is more.  The less product you use, the fresher your look will be and the longer it will last.

_DSC8535 - Copy

3. When I think of romantic beauty I envision shades of pale pink and soft gold with hints of brown and ivory.  And those are the exact colors that made up the palette for this look.  I used the gold, ivory, and soft brown tones around the eyes and finished the look with a light dusting of a pinky peach blush and a pale pink lipstick.

Of course you will need to take your individual needs into consideration for this look.  For instance, your color palette may change based on your skin tone, hair color, or eye color, but the overall feel of the look should remain light, soft, and romantic.  There is also a ton of room to play with in terms of bringing drama to this look if that’s what you’re into.  If your eyes are your favorite feature or if you are doing the look for a night out, you could always opt for a smokier eye.  Or, keep the eyes the same and bring attention with a lip color in a brighter shade of pink.  The options are unlimited!

4. Blend, blend, blend.

When you think you have blended enough, blend some more (BH Cosmetics Brush Set).  Nothing ruins a look quicker than not properly blending.  While there are some more artistic looks that require a harsher less blended appearance, this is not one of them.  All colors should blend seamlessly from one shade to the next.  Our model is contoured, but it’s not easy to tell where her highlight, blush, and contour begin and/or end. Everything should be softly diffused and fade into each other.

5. I used really soft colors all around, from the eyes, to the blush, to the lips, so I went for a bang with an extremely beautiful lash.  In doing so I was able to bring focus to an otherwise very neutral eye as well as update the look and give it a bit of drama.  I used my favorite lash, Pixie Luxe by House of Lashes, but there are tons of great lashes around.  I personally love MAC #35s and Ardell Demi Wispies because they are easy to work with and are suitable for almost every eye shape and size. Stylist

Remember, when all else fails, makeup is an art form and its beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Have fun creating your look and own it!  A lot of the tools and techniques used will depend on your personal preferences. To put it simply, it’s about what you like and what makes you comfortable.  As always, practice makes perfect, so the more often you do your makeup, the better your application will be over time.


Lena Clark MUA - Natural Hair Bride


Lena Clark is a traveling Chicago-based makeup artist with a focus on beauty and bridal makeup for women of color.  She has a talent for exposing natural beauty with the proper use of product and technique to enhance – not over power – a face.  Her aim is to help women feel special, beautiful, and powerful!  In addition to bridal work, Lena is experienced in completing makeup for photo and video shoots, fashion shows, and private/special events.  She is also very passionate about educating and empowering women and is available for lessons and/or demonstrations.  When she is not busy transforming faces, Lena spends her time hanging with family and planning her upcoming wedding.


Lena Clark, Makeup Artist
Chicago, IL 60617
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