After The Knot: 3 Ways To Cater To Him

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We all know that men love just as much attention as we do. So, today’s guest post is catered to showing our spouse love. If you are in the Chicago-land area and haven’t already purchased your tickets for our Valentine’s Day Pizza Making Class, then cater to him by surprising him with a fun hands on activity. I’m sure he will love it. Space is extremely limited, visit to reserve your space.


Special thanks to our guest writer today, Yasmine of B.O.S.S! Read her tips below. Then leave in the comment section, how you show your beau extra special attention.

After The Knot: 3 Ways To Cater To Him

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One morning I woke up feeling like today is a day to show appreciation. Have you ever felt like that before? Have you ever woke up laying next to your hubby and while he is sleeping you look at him and fantasize about how you can show him how much you thank him for being a good man to you. Then you caress his face, shoulders and neck thinking about how you want to plan your day of appreciation. I woke up one morning feeling this way and when he left for work, guess what song I listened to???.… Yep! I listened to “Cater to You” by Destiny Child and that song got me even more in the mood to surprise him with sexy activities to show him “Thank You”!

Even though being a provider, faithful, committed, protective and a leader is considered “a given” when you are married that does not mean he should not be appreciated for being this man for you. Men LOVE to feel valued, appreciated and like you care about who he is to you. Valentines Day is approaching and what better way to show how “I See You” than a “Cater to You” day. There are many ways to show your hubby how much you love what he do for you and who he has been for you so I will not give the “how to’s”. I will help you figure out how to choose “what to do” to cater to your man.


There is a side of you that turns your man on! I mean as soon as he see’s this part of you he is immediately aroused and ready to do whatever to and for you. My hubby gave that part of me a nickname so when he says that name I know it’s on! Your man has given you signs, told you, or showed you that part of you that is absolutely irresistible to him so use it and turn it up a notch. Show him you can still be unpredictable while given him exactly what he wants.


My hubby loves that I motivate him to reach all his goals. No matter how big and crazy they are, in our house there is no such thing as a goal being too big to achieve so he loves this about me more than anything. I have done many “Cater to You” days for my hubby but for one I decided to highlight him and spend a full day just listening to him, mapping out a plan with him and encouraging him like crazy to go after it and many of those goals he has surpassed! A “Cater to You” day don’t have to just be sexually but also intellectually. I call it “making love to his mind”.


This can be anything from cooking and cleaning, to being more spontaneous sexually, rubbing/massaging his body more, keeping yourself up and finding new places for fun date nights. Anything he says he wants you to do more of, DO IT! If he is going hard for you, you should go hard for him by giving him more of what he wants.

There are many ways to cater to a man to show him “Thank You”. Keeping these three motivations in mind will help you to figure out the best way to cater to yours!

Yasmine Brown is the owner of Focus Your Strive, a women’s development company to help women move from one place in her life to the next, founder of Beauties On Successful Strives (BOSS), a women’s empowerment organization for women who go for hers no matter what, boldly and have FUN doing so, and author of Love: Answers to a New Beginning, women’s empowerment guide to a better You. 


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