ABOUT Natural Hair Bride

ABOUT Natural Hair Bride

NHB Creator RoShunda and Hubby Calvin

“We are saying I do, we are happily married, and we’re committed to falling in love more and more with our own kinks and coils”. – RoShunda Russell

About Natural Hair Bride

Why/How did you come up with the concept of your company & event? Natural Hair Bride is a manifestation of my trials as a bride to be nearly 4 years ago. I struggled with deciding whether to wear a weave or my natural curls to say I-Do. Without many style options and resources available, I turned to a straight weave and later regretted the decision. As I sat on my couch with a head full of curly hair, while looking at wedding photos of a straight weave, I knew I made the wrong decision. A few months later,  I contacted a photographer, cleaned up my dress, grabbed my husband and retook photos with a shrunken twist out that I absolutely loved! My story was featured on a few blogs and women began to reach out to me with questions. I knew then that there was a need for a specific resource for natural hair brides and wives.

Why is there a need for this type of event? Natural Hair Bride is on the front end of a movement by blending both hair styling and bridal inspiration. Every day women of color are deciding to ditch the relaxers and choose to style their hair naturally yet, we rarely see ourselves on the runway in wedding gowns or bridal magazines. Where are our resources for bridal inspiration? Natural Hair Bride fills a void by showcasing elegant styles along with wedding gowns, veils, shoes and accessories to help wives renewing vows and brides-to-be create a complete look. We share inspiration 3 times a week on http://www.naturalhairbride.com, daily on social media and annually, we turn our web pages into a full fledge production and runway show. Everyone is welcome; many wedding enthusiasts attend our event seeking hairstyling options for special occasions.

Overall, Natural Hair Bride is needed because we are saying I-Do, we are happily married and we are committed to failing in love more and more with our own kinks and curls, especially on one of the most important days of our lives, our wedding day.

Who is your target audience? We target women of color that are fashion savvy, have an acquired taste and are looking to be inspired about love, beauty, fashion, hair styling, and all of their wedding day possibilities including; floral, gowns, suits, culinary delights, accessories, venues and more. Even though we are Natural Hair Bride, this event is not a close door to women without natural curly hair, just as if you were to attend a bridal fashion show without your image on the stage, your now able to attend an NHB show with your image on the stage.

What else should we know about NHB? Natural Hair Bride doesn’t close the door to only wedding inspiration. We encourage long lasting marriages by sharing weekly Date Night tips and places to go. Quarterly, we host a date night event in Chicago. Check out our previous events here:http://naturalhairbride.com/recap-our-1st-date-night-event-was-a– blast/

How can people get involved? Natural Hair Bride loves to feature real weddings, engagements and date night submissions. Submit a story to us here > http://www.naturalhairbride.com/submit-something/


More About Ro’Shunda Russell Creator of Natural Hair Bride

How do you define your personal purpose and mission? God created me perfectly imperfect. Through my imperfections, I hope to inspire others to fail forward. Turn your mistakes into stepping stones of massive success. My mission is to show others that it’s not always easy but we have every fiber of success engraved inside of us.

What is your vision for this project and your company? My vision for Natural Hair Bride is a city to city, state to state tour. We are in chats with event planners in different states to brainstorm details. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about how NHB can be in your city.

What advice would you give to other leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs? My advice is simple: What other people think about you is none of your business. It’s their business. You will waste time and energy thinking about someone else’s thoughts of you. Your only competition is what you see in the mirror.

Bridal Stylists: 
Are you a bride-to-be seeking to create a flawless look for your wedding day? As a bridal stylist, I am here to help you cultivate your ideal style that will captivate your guests as you walk down the aisle to say I-Do. The bridal gown along with jewelry, shoes, hair and accessories are the components to complete the foundation for your wedding. So, let’s get started! Learn more about the styling service here: Styled To Perfection Video

ABOUT Natural Hair Bride

Bridal Fashion Stylist: RoShunda



“The Hair Has To Be PERFECT. ” – Ro’Shunda

Business Services: 

Ro’Shunda Russell is available for the following:

  • Bridal Styling Services
  • Speaking Engagements/Panel
  • Host Events

Interviewed by Cassie at The Cassie Brown Project

About Natural Hair Bride

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