9 Helpful Wedding Day Tips With Orla James Jeweler

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Today, we have a sponsored post written by the wonderful ladies at Orla James Jewelers. They provide beautifully crafted wedding, engagement and eternity rings for both men and women. Orla James Jewelers allows you to get a free ring sample to try for one full week before you purchase! Learn more about their beautiful wedding collection at http://www.OrlaJames.com. Read the wedding tips, below:

9 Helpful Wedding Day Tips With Orla James Jeweler

9 Helpful Wedding Day Tips With Orla James Jeweler

Your wedding day is a week from now, and you need help. Relax! Let us help you through the inevitable last minute coordination frenzy. All brides and bridegrooms have lots of last minute things planned for their big day. Avoid this tension by keeping very little for the end. Recall the myriad small things that need your attention? Delegate them to your loved ones well beforehand.

It’s your wedding day – you must relax and enjoy it! Getting yourself involved in micromanaging the entire event is going to cause a migraine or a nervous breakdown. Don’t let this affect your health and spoil your beautiful honeymoon.

Katie from Orla James agreed “In most cases people have over a year to organise their special day, but things always get left forgotten – making a list can help!”

Let’s look at 9 Helpful Wedding Day Tips:

1. Have an emergency kit ready:

Everything you might need on your wedding day should be included here – razors, lotion, body powder, deodorant, mini sewing kit, extra pantyhose, breath mints, tampons, protein bars, dancing shoes and Asprin.

2. Book your music and finalize it:

Most couples forget to enjoy the music and instead concentrate on why a certain piece of music hasn’t been played yet. Give a list of songs to be played and have your wedding band/ DJ rehearse them during set up. This will ensure the music is on point throughout.

3. Flower arrangements:

Have your sibling/ cousin look after flower details. Convey all this information to them at least a week prior and show them photographs or have them sit in on the discussions with you, your florist and wedding planner/ bridesmaids. Delegating this means you stress a little less!

4. Eat a healthy breakfast:

Most couples forget to eat on their wedding day either because of nerves or because they have no free time. Have a hearty, healthy breakfast before you leave since it will take a while to get dressed and greet guests. By the time you actually get to the ceremony, you don’t want to be starved and caught looking longingly at the buffet.

5.  Have plenty of time to get dressed:

Assign one of your bridesmaids to keep watch so that you are not rushed to get dressed. Go over the wedding timeline in detail with your wedding planner and bridesmaids to ensure they are all in sync with your expectations. Grooms, delegate the same to your groomsmen to ensure that you are ready and waiting in time for your bride to walk down the aisle. Don’t just count on them to get you beer – put them to work!

6. Assign a teenager to download all photos:

Assign a teenager close to you both to get photos from all guests attending the wedding. Ask him/her to take photographs through iMessage, WhatsApp or emails, but to get them! Couples don’t get to see all photographs since most guests forget to forward them later.

7. Drink water, avoid alcohol:

Yes, it’s grossly unfair to ask you to curb the alcohol on your wedding day. But, if you want to enjoy yourself and look happy and fresh in all your wedding photos, then a bit of sobering up will be remembered for life. Brides – use a straw to drink water; don’t ruin your lipstick!

8. Communicate the timeline to your guests:

A simple email or a handout at the entry to your wedding venue should be enough to communicate the timeline and event schedule to your guests. Ensuring your guests know what to expect helps them coordinate in ways you cannot imagine. You won’t hear people asking about when the ceremony is and what time food will be served. Bliss!

9. Make time for your parents:

It’s going to be a hectic day, but your parents always want to spend one last special time with you. Make time for them in your schedule – at least 10 minutes. For them, you will always be the kid running around in pajamas. Before you finally step out to say “I Do!” tell them you love them, and give them a hug.

Relax and enjoy your wedding day. Delegate all work and detailing in advance to make your day memorable. Your guests are there to celebrate your special day, so have fun.

Remember to look over at your partner and celebrate the beginning of your lives together.

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