6 Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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Excited to have photographer, Alvin Tatum, share his expertise to help our brides ask the right questions before selecting a photographer for their wedding day. Alvin is a member of the Professional Photographer’s of America Association. I love his message to brides, It’s Not Just A Picture, It’s Your Life”. He is absolutely correct, invest in a photographer  in order to relive those memorable moments for a life time.

P.S. Alvin is also apart of our Preferred Vendor organization at Natural Hair Bride, visit his profile here: Alvin Tatum Photography

6 Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

6 Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life. Next comes all the planning for the big day. I tell every bride I do a consultation with that besides the groom, your photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding. The cake will be eaten, the flowers will die, but in this digital age your wedding photos will last forever. You must think of the capturing of your wedding as something that your future generations will be look upon and this is something not to take lightly.

Having a photographer who is well-rounded in any lightening situation is crucial when it comes to making sure your images are flawless. With different venues come various lighting challenges that only a skilled photographer will be ready and properly equipped for. It’s very easy these days to snap a photo with the advances in cell phone technology, but when you hire a professional you’re paying for his/her skill, time, equipment, someone who is insured, and most importantly someone who is licensed with the city they operate out of and who is running a proper business.

This is why a professional photographer is going to be more expensive than your neighbor who tells you they will do it for $50 dollars and put all your images on a CD. Wedding photography is also more expensive because unlike a portrait session or other things in life there are no retakes.

Photography is a great hobby, but do you want hobbits on your wedding day? Don’t get me wrong there are some hobbits that could definitely be a professional but they choose to do it for their enjoyment. I’m not referring to those people. I’m talking about the ones that have a camera for a week and post a few images on Facebook and because of the response they get they decide to “go pro” (no pun intended). So here are a few questions you should ask your prospective wedding photographer.

6 Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1. Do you have a business license and insurance and do you belong to any professional organizations? (This is for your protection if something goes wrong. Also most organizations have standards to adhere to so it’s never a bad thing if they’ve taken the time to invest in membership)

2. Do you have more than one camera when you shoot a wedding? (Electronics fail and your photographer should be prepared if their camera suddenly stops working)

3. Do you use manual settings and off camera flash. (You want someone who knows how to work the camera beyond the “Auto Mode”. Manual settings gives your photographer complete control of what they are shooting and like I said they must be ready for any lighting situation so that every photograph is properly exposed.

4.  Do you have an assistant or a second shooter? (If you’re having a small wedding, say less than 50 people then one photographer is most likely sufficient. If you’re inviting both sides of the family, then you definitely want two photographers on hand for proper coverage. Also, when a photographer has an assistant it makes things go a little faster.)

5. If you booked your venue first ask the coordinator if they have any photographers they would like to recommend.

6.  Last but definitely not least, make sure you see the photographers work! If you have questions about its authenticity for any reason ask if any of their past clients don’t mind being contacted.

Your wedding is a big day and a great photographer will help you cherish that day forever. I hope these tips I provided will give you some direction on the road to wedded bliss.

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6 Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

6 Key Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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