5 Tips To Avoid A Wedding Hair Disaster

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Being a natural hair bride can be tons of fun however preparation is key to maintain the mane.  Take into account these vital steps to help you release stress. Darya, a  licensed natural hair stylist, owner of Darya’s Natural Hair Boutique and creator of Darya’s Natural Hair Care shares her wealth of knowledge with our readers.

Darya and her hubby

1. In preparation of styling your hair for your wedding day, look at a plethora of styles that you can see yourself in and share them with your stylist. 

Darya Model hair

2. If you are wearing a headpiece for your wedding, make sure that you bring your piece with you so that your stylist can try it on your style run hairdo’s.

darya styling with headpiece

3. Get the major things done in advance like trimming and moisture treatments, at least 1 week prior to your wedding date.

darya styling

4. Be on time for your stylist so that there is no pressure on yourself nor the stylist.


5. Relax. Relate. Release. Now, your steps ahead!  

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