5 Natural Hair Mistakes To Stop Before Your Wedding Day!

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We know that falling in love with your hair on one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day, is very important. I want you to look back at your wedding photos and think, I love myself and I made a great decision to wear my natural curls to say I-Do.  I’ve shared some tips to help you avoid natural wedding day hair disaster.

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1. Craving longer hair

So, you have 1 full year to plan your wedding (typically) and one of the most important on your to do list is to grow your hair a certain length before you say I-Do. Average hair grows about half an inch each month so, your only doing yourself a disservice by stressing over the current length of your hair and avoiding trims to your ends because you believe your hair will grow faster. Trims help strengthen your hair by getting rid of dead ends. Trimming is essential to healthy hair. Don’t stress over hair length the most important is the health of your hair.

2. Decrease The Heat

We know your getting ready for more photo flashes than ever the month of your wedding. Between the bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner your teasing, combing, detangling, blow drying and manipulating your hair more often then ever.  Weeks of constant manipulation tends to wear your hair down and cause shedding or breakage. Protect ends against heat damage with a heat protectant, you can find a great one by Pantene Pro-V along with simple styling products to manage your hair. Keep it simple and go with a low maintenance style like a twist out that will allow for a great look.

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3. Extreme Hair Changes

If your itching for a new look via a hair color change, I strongly suggest you give any new hair color a trial run at least six months before your wedding.  You don’t want to be in for any unexpected surprises. If you don’t like the hair color choice you have time to gradually change that color so that it’s not damaging to your strands.

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4. Wedding Day Hair  Overload

One of the most important features that will compliment you on your wedding day is your hair. However, if you’ve never worn a straight weave, curly weave, mohawk or fishtail before, you don’t have to start on your wedding day. Don’t forget that your fiancee’ fell in love with you as you are. Do not make a drastic hair style change where no one will even know who you are as your stroll down the aisle to say I-Do. Find more inspiration on our Instagram & Pinterest page.

5.  Choosing the wrong product

Selecting the perfect styling agent is vital to obtain the results your seeking for your wedding day hair. You want to avoid applying a water base product if your seeking to achieve a fluffy twistout, bantu knot out or blowout. Steer away from products with alcohol which is drying to the hair and causes strands to lack luster.


5 Natural Hair Mistakes To Stop Before Your Wedding Day Flyer

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