5 Must Haves Before Setting Your Wedding Dress Appointment

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Shopping for your wedding dress can be stressful, overwhelming, emotional and full of joy- which is one of the reason why I offer a bridal fashion styling service to help you release a ton of stress. One of the ways I assist the bride for wedding dress shopping is the PREP. Preparation is key to having a successful wedding dress appointment.   After the prep, I schedule an appointment on the brides behalf at a wedding dress boutique, I arrive prior to the time of the bride and her guests to select THE top 5 bridal gowns based on the brides wedding inspiration board we previously put together. This makes wedding dress shopping so easy. Ditch the days of going to numerous bridal boutiques, feeling exhausted with nothing accomplished. Now, let’s get into Preparation Mode.

5 Must Haves Before Setting Your Wedding Dress Appointment


5 Must Haves Before Setting Your Wedding Dress Appointment

1. Shoes

Yes! Bring shoes that have a heel height that you are comfortable wearing on your wedding day. This is also great for you to visualize your complete look  with shoes just in case you say Yes To The Dress that day. Your shoes don’t have to be the exact pair you would wear on the day of your wedding. Just choose shoes you love and are comfortable in from your closet.

2. Wedding Date

It would be great to have an idea of the month you wish to day I-Do. This will help you decide on the type of wedding dress based on the weather conditions in your area. For example: If you wish to be a summer bride and your summers are extremely hot then, you may want to lean towards a tea length dress or a dress with lighter material.

3. Spanx or Waist Cincher

Put on a spanx to flatten your tummy, hips and waist. There are so many options available. Take a look at a few, here: Waist Cincher

4. Strapless Bra

Purchase a Nude or Black Strapless Brato help you try on any wedding gown with ease. That way you don’t have to tuck bra straps in on the side when trying on different options.

5. Hairstyle

Have an idea of the hairstyle you would like to wear on your wedding. If possible, attend your wedding dress appointment with your hair styled the way you wish to wear it on your wedding day.

I hope these tips help you choose your perfect wedding day dress during your boutique appointment. You can learn more about my Bridal Fashion Service here: Style Me or simply email me with questions to: Info@NaturalHairBride.com.


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