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Guest: Rita Natasha, MUA & Owner of GO Team Natural 


I was so ecstatic when Roshunda Russell of Natural Hair Bride contacted me to share tips for a flawless face with Natural Hair Brides. I am passionate about my craft as a makeup artist and natural hair stylist. So excited to have this amazing opportunity to give you ladies the tips that will enhance your natural beauty on your wedding day! Let’s go over a few tips that are very simple but essential to you glowing like a goddess on your big day!


                We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” well it’s true.  A balanced diet (including lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grain) along with drinking plenty of water will not only give your body energy it will give you the gorgeous skin, hair, and nails you desire.  Breakouts can be stressful enough without wedding planning, parties’ pictures and finally the official day of the wedding, so having a great diet can take the extra edge off.



First and foremost, you must cleanse the skin on your face and neck daily.  The number one question I am asked: “How often should I wash my face a day and do I exfoliate everyday?” and I reply “wash your face in the morning and before going to sleep at night and absolutely exfoliate once a day!”  My favorite daily cleansers and exfoliating scrubs come from Lush cosmetics.  I love that their products are all natural and they have something for every different skin type.  A good facial wash will get rid of bacteria’ I like to use the exfoliating facial wash because it attacks existing pimples, blackheads, gets the dead skin cells off and gets the blood flowing to the new skin cells to give you a glow.  The daily moisturizer adds vitamins A, C and D back in your skin I prefer to use a moisturizer that has a SPF mixed in to protect you from sun damage.  I am currently using “Dark Angels” it is 100% natural and organic made from coal to cleanse, licorice oil to awaken and soften the skin and avocado oil to give you a deep down moisturizing.  This product makes your skin feel and look brand-new.



I love Natural Hair Bride so much that I am will to share my top make-up secrets.  The key to a great face is a great foundation.  Every woman needs to find what foundation works for her skin type and complexion.  If your problem is oily skin I would not recommend a liquid foundation I would use a powder foundation for example Bare Minerals has a great powder line that I swear by for women with oily skin, it smooths over the skin very nicely with out giving a greasy residue after wearing for a couple of hours.  Everyone knows that a flawless smokey eye or that right pop of color on the eye can make or break the “look” that you are going for.  Play with different colors and different eye products to see what works for you, and don’t get comfortable with one look keep exploring new looks.  My last makeup tip and one that is critical to keeping that beautiful face break-out free, is washing your makeup brushes and using new sponges EVERYDAY! You wash your face everyday because of yucky bacteria so why not do the same with your brushes, you’ll be surprised of how much bacteria makeup brushes can hold so….WASH WASH WASH!

So, I hope my skincare tips have helped you ladies and I look forward to hearing testimonies about how these tips made your wedding day that much more special! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram : @RitaNatasha

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