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I know wedding planning can be a bit stressful but take advice from these ladies, learn from their mistakes and become a stress-less bride. We’ve compiled a list of natural hair brides we’ve featured over the past 3 years to share advice on preparation for your wedding day.

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 25 Real Natural Hair Brides & Their Wedding Advice To You


Chinique: Make sure you plan the wedding you both want.  Friends and family will want to chime in with their ideas but it’s your special day so if it doesn’t feel right, don’t include it.  Keep to budget as best as possible, it’s not worth getting into debt for an occasion that only lasts one day, your union is the main reason for your celebration, always keep that at front of your mind, everything else is a bonus.  Lean on the people who care about you, we were blessed to have very talented family and friends who all helped us with no hesitation for every aspect of our wedding, it meant that we spent a fraction of the cost that most couples spend on their weddings, to us it was just as we wanted it and that’s all that matters.

Natural Hair Bride

Daceia: Keep your wedding day full of love and laughter.


Cherise:  My advice would be to focus on what is most important. For us we decided we wanted a small wedding so we did the planning ourselves. We soon learned that no matter how small, wedding planning was still quite the challenge! What got us through even the most difficult week leading up to our wedding day was focusing on our love for each other and our desire to spend the rest of our lives together. That meant that even if things weren’t perfect on the day we were going to have an amazing day anyway!


Bride: Don’t sweat the small stuff, have fun!


Anika: This special day is about you and your husband, don’t sweat the small stuff. Most importantly don’t go into debt for something that will last just one day and have lots of fun.


Shandre: Take your time when planning your wedding because it helps to keep the stress levels down. Try and soak up every moment on the day because it goes by so quickly and you are going to wish you could relive the day all over again. Choose what is right for you as a couple. Don’t forget that something will go wrong on the day so don’t look for perfection. Try not to stress even when it seems impossible. Have that moment before walking down the aisle when you consciously decide to let go of everything and just let the day be.


Meredith: Don’t be afraid to showcase your own standard of beauty.


Cassandra: Share this perfect day with the ones you love and have fun!


Ivory: RELAX! Be sure to have a brief chat with your planner/vendors before the day begins and then relax

Natural Hair Bride to Be

Analesa: I found the love of my life online and we are getting married. Love can be found everywhere.

Mrs Watts 1

Mrs. Watts: In preparing for your wedding day, be realistic, be honest and transparent.  Employ as many friends and family as you can who can help with different projects.  The best advice I received was on the very day of my wedding: “something WILL GO WRONG, and that’s ok!” Don’t stress about those things.

Suze Marien Wedding Day Hair | Natural Hair Bride

Suze: My advice is to plan early, it decreases the level of stress, be supportive of each other and everything will be fine.


Letitia: My words of advice are to pick the parts of the day that are most important to you, and stick to them. Everything else can be done easily or delegated. Also, trying to please a crowd of people will drive you crazy. My fiancé and I decided early on that this day would reflect us, and those who didn’t like parts of it would survive, lol. Also, once the day gets there, let nothing bother you. You did everything you could. We realized while we were waiting to enter the reception that a mix-up of communication left us without beverages at the reception. Aaron pulled out $20 and told someone to run to Chick Fila for tea and lemonade, and then turned around and kissed me. We kept it moving and didn’t panic. He told me that morning, “I don’t care if the venue burns to the ground this morning… we’ll get married outside in the rain with some bomb pictures. It’s me and you.” I love him, lol.


Amber: Set a time/date when you are not going to do any more planning. I set mine a week before the wedding and stuck with that. Just relax, you will get married no matter what goes wrong or right. On the day of my wedding, I ate fast food for breakfast and watched a marathon of Keeping Up with the Kardashians til it was time for me to leave.


Angel: Try to get as much done in advance as possible, even the small items that you think can be completed a week or two before the wedding. Things have a way of becoming far more hectic than you may have anticipated as the day draws near.

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Codie: The advice I was given was “Remember to eat.” Whether you sneak off to snack or actually sit down during dinner (rather than greeting guests one by one), make time to each so you can enjoy the entire night and not get too cranky or too drunk. Check!


Sharice: Keep your composure and enjoy every moment on your wedding day. It goes by so fast!

Mrs. Benoit

Mrs. Benoit:  Do pre-marriage counseling and ask your partner a lot of questions. Use the engagement period as a time to really get to know your future partner as marriage is a serious decision. Ask the questions you haven’t, and cover everything – it helps a lot as you prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime decision!

Courtney:  This is your day so make sure as you are planning you keep you and your spouse in mind only. It’s not about what other people might enjoy or want, it’s about you and him. On the big day, try to take everything in, it goes by so fast!


Festus: It’s simple, follow your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right for you. Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean you should also.  Listen to what others have to say but ultimately, listen to yourself!

Mrs Sanow

Mrs. Sanow: Relax. Remember why you chose to marry each other in the first place and focus on that. Everything that needs to work out in the long run will work out the way it is suppose to work out. Nate and I planned our entire wedding ceremony in one week exactly, so there was not months and months to plan anything extravagant. That was perfectly fine with us both because we initially planned to elope with only ourselves, a photographer, and a videographer. But within the span of a couple of days, immediate family and closest friends were now coming. We rented cabins near the lake for family and friends to stay in the night before the wedding. We changed the ceremony from outdoors on a dock over the lake to indoors. We bought food and a couple cakes for a mini reception. There were a lot of changes. Nevertheless, the things that mattered most was wrapped up in knowing that beyond that one day, we were privileged to spend the rest of lives together as husband and wife.


Doreen: Our advice to newly engaged couple is “Cease to follow trends and chart your own path.

The Scotts

Mrs. Carlington: I implore you to get premarital counseling, after a few sessions and you feel that the person is the one, set your date. It is important to plan, and plan effectively. Have a budget, stick to it, shop around, ask for discounts or deals, check the quality of vendors work. Book your venue early. Know the areas you want to splurge on and areas you want save on.


Tori:  Be sure to take in EVERY moment. One thing everyone told us was the the day goes by so fast, and all you’ll have left are photos. We made it a point to stop and take it all in as much as possible throughout the day. We remember the day in vivid detail!

Mrs. Jackson

Mrs. Jackson: Relax! Soak in EVERY moment! Remember that you are also preparing for the rest of your life. Your wedding day is the start of a new beginning with you and your future spouse. Brides, listen to your future husband when he gives his honest opinion about things. Grooms, support your future wife during the planning process and not just be the “yes man”… it’s your day too! Make it about what the two of you would like. You want to be able to look back and boast about what each other contributed to that day. Also, find someone to do you day-of services soon. This way they get a feel of you and your spouse and know exactly how you day should pan out. Without Felecia Kelly of Foward Events, we don’t think our day could have been any more perfect!


Ajia: Don’t let anyone dampen your spirits with negativity!  Identify a friend to serve as a buffer and have any day of questions or queries go through them.


Jackie: I knew I wanted a natural hairstyle so, I showed my stylist a picture and told her to just make it look good. She put her own spin on it and it turned out lovely.

Mrs Fulton

Mrs. Fulton:  So many couples stress and go into debt over the costs of items for the wedding. The wedding is only one aspect of the marriage. Be sure to look for less expensive alternatives on etsy, DIY sites and wedding blogs to ensure you do not max out your finances and still have money left over for the house, honeymoon and to buy those extra items you really wanted from your registry.


Veronica: Discuss the details of your wedding day together. Be sure to incorporate each others wishes and desires and if there are things that need compromise, be sure to discuss them. Communication is key through this process. It eliminated a lot of stress as I planned our wedding on my own (and with the help of Pinterest!). Brides, have fun with this day and don’t let the opinion of others dictate what you ultimately want. Groom, be there to support your bride. She will need your comfort and reassurance, especially if she is planning it herself. I was lucky to have the perfect team player in my now husband throughout the entire process.


Rashinda: Stay Calm, don’t stress yourself out!! Try doing some therapeutic activities, to get your mind off the wedding day for a while.

Naa Koweh

Naa Koweh: I married my best-friend, my homey, my lover, my friend, my sunshine., my fine boy… and as I call him, my ONE SIMPLE REASON!!!!


Lisa: Try your hardest to have fun during the process! Before you know it, the day will have come and gone. It’s nice to have fond memories of not only your big day, but the days leading up to it.


Charnelle: I would suggest that any newly engaged couples to remember that after the party is over you still have a life to live….don’t go broke planning the wedding.

Mrs Dowdell

Mrs. Dowdell: When Lucien and I first embarked on our planning journey, we made a list of priorities. We made this list so we could refer to it whenever we were up against a wedding
decision and if it conflicted with our list, it was out. Our first priority was keep it Christ
centered then a close second is NO stress. We originally wanted our wedding to be
outdoors at a new nearby park but it was so new, it didn’t have a name so we weren’t
sure who to contact regarding rentals. We also were engaged for a year and 3 months
so planning an outdoor even that far out and we didn’t want to rent tents or anything
started to lead to a stressful combo so we nixed that plan all together.

Mrs Smith

Mrs. Smith:  My words of advice for newly engaged couples are to do what makes you happy and to stay true to who the both of you are as a couple and to STAY within your budget!!!!! Going outside of your budget is such a headache.


Joy C

Tamika: Make sure you keep God first! Also, go to pre-marital counseling to address any and all concerns you may have before your union.

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