3 Tips for a Successful Picnic Date

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Although we’ve been receiving a bit more rain than most of us anticipated, there’s a pop of sunlight coming this weekend that would be perfect to prepare for a day in the park.

1. Where to go

Family picnic.

In the beautiful city of Chicago there are so many places to explore, so try some place new. There are probably many parks that you normally would never think about. One beautiful place is the Osaka Garden (Japanese Garden) in Hyde Park. This is a hidden jewel in the Chicago land area and holds a lot of beauty that few get to cherish. There are typically few people there and it is open to the public. This little spot of sunshine is the perfect place to go in a date.

Another idea is the beach or lake side picnic. Many of the stops along the lake shore have park areas or bench tables if you don’t want to sit in the grass. The beach is a not only a beautiful place to look at but it provides other entertainment. You can play volleyball, go take a swim or even watch the sun set right in beautiful downtown Chicago.

2. What to eat

picnic food

When going on a picnic the best part is the eating.The only question is what food do you take?Since it’s the summertime and we are going to be outside you would want to take something light and maybe even cold. Fruit, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Wine, Cold Cut Sandwiches (made with more than just meat and bread), and even a Salad would work. The lighter and fresher the meal the more refreshed you feel. You also want to make sure you have something that is easy to assemble and carry. A steak is heavy and you need a fork, plate and knife. Make your food reasonable.


3. What to wear

obama day in the park inspiration 2

Since this is a date don’t forget to look great for your hubby! Yet, don’t overdo it. A full face of makeup, high heels and his favorite short skirt can stay at home for this trip. You want to look cute but fun and ready for anything. Clothing options should be either jeans with a cute top or a comfortable dress. We choose to showcase President Obama & Mrs. Obama walk throw the park. Mrs. Obama is wearing a tea length summer dress with red flats (not seen in this photo). She’s ready for a relaxing day with her hubby.



We would love to hear about your weekend plans to spend the day or night with the man you love! Send us photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, be sure to hashtag #NaturalHairBride.

Have a great weekend!


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