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Hi Ladies,

So…. I’ve been having an urge to document my pregnancy since we let the “bun out the oven” at 14 weeks preggers (2nd trimester). My husband and I are extremely excited to have an opportunity to bring a life into this world. We both believe that this amazing blessing should not be taken for granted and preparation is key inorder to raise a well-rounded respectable son. I believe that this is the perfect time financially, mentally and spiritually for one of the biggest responsibilities of our lives, our child.

I’m ready to get started with documenting a weekly pregnancy journey! I thought the best way to do so is by incorporating mommy diaries into another passion of mine NaturalHairBride’s weekly posts.  Since, many of you will be like me, from Natural Hair Bride to Mommy to be.

This diary is intending for me to look back and read my thoughts and journey as a first time mom. I’m starting the journal entries off where I am now, 18 weeks. To see photos from 5 weeks to 18 weeks check out my new Instagram page here.  If you want to go on a journey of 22 more weeks with me, then stay tuned!

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What fruit are you? He’s the size of a juicy bell pepper! Head to rump, our baby is about 5 1/2 inches long, and he weighs almost 7 ounces

How far along? 18 weeks,5 days

Gender? Chocolate Bear, boy

Exercising yet? Yes. I’ve started exercising at least twice a week and relaxing yoga daily

18 weeks pregnant - NaturalHairBride.com

Emotions: I really can’t control my mood. I’m either really happy, chillaxin’ or really angry. When I’m happy I just want to kiss people (friends, family) I’m chill with food and a good supporting chair or pillow on my back. When I’m upset, I don’t want to talk to anyone so that I can get myself to a calm area for the baby. We all get upset but my goal is think happy thoughts in a private area so that he’s not being disturbed by the hormonal change.

Stretch marks: Naw not getting those 🙂 hope not! Im currently using cocoa butter and exfoliate in the shower with a scrub and almond oil.

Swelling: Yes. hands

Belly button: I’m inches away from having a popped belly button. Originally I was an inny, now I would give it about 1 week or 2 and I will be an outy.

Sleep: Typically, I sleep through the night but sometimes I wake up wanting a mid night snack or just attention. (Sorry hubby)

Food cravings:  I had one of the worst cravings, health wise, Gyros and slushies! I still love a good slushy but I had to knock the twice a month Gyro fix with extra sauce. Although thinking about it right now makes me want to get one. lol!

Symptoms: Burp Burp Burp. I Burp so much it’s annoying me. Luckily people don’t say anything but I just can’t help the burping. It’s like too much air is in my stomach. Geesh!

Movement: Yay! At 16 1/2 weeks I felt very slight flutters randomly. Know I can feel the movement more and more. Not from the outside just yet but from the inside definitely. I feel bad for my husband, he tries so hard to feel the movement but it just doesn’t happen. lol!

Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago

What I’m loving: I’m loving good crunchy grapes! YAS! I also still love my slushies. The best are at Simply Slices in Crestwood, IL. Another pregnant mommy put me on to that and I’m so happy!

Best moment this week: Eating dinner with my hubby and he rubs my feet. #Winning!

Favorite outfit this week: Black maternity leggings and a tank top. So comfy!

Daily rituals: Saying: Good Morning Chocolate Bear! Mommy Loves You, Prayer & Yoga

Before picture:

Feb. 2014

Feb. 2014

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