10 Things Wedding Guests Should NEVER Do

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Since it’s prime wedding season, I thought it would be a great time to prep wedding guest to ensure a smooth wedding day. We all know that there is one guest that tends to fly off the handle during the reception so, here’s 10 Things wedding guests should NEVER Do.

10 Things wedding guests should NEVER Do.

1. Don’t Get Wasted: Just because there’s an open bar doesn’t mean you should get drunk. No one wants to baby sit a grown man/woman.

2. Don’t steal the table decor once the reception ends: Those beautiful vases may have been rented or the flowers could be donated to a charity after the wedding. Plus, taking items without asking is a NO NO.

3. Don’t wear your leggings or freakum dress to the wedding: This is not the place to try to snab  a man.

4. Don’t insult the food options or decor: Dish all that “tea” to your girls at a later date. Attend the wedding and be as supportive as possible even if its only tuna squares and ritz crackers.

5. Don’t ask to bring your kids to a 21 + reception: If your babysitter was unable to watch your children after the ceremony than it’s time to take your children home. Some receptions are meant for grown folk behavior only.

6. Don’t try to become a wedding photographer: Keep your phone inside the aisle. Don’t jump in front of the photographer to take a selfie’. Don’t stop the bride and groom during their first dance just to take a cellphone picture.

7. Don’t fight during the wedding bouquet toss: We know emotions can run high with the thought of possibly getting married next if you catch this prize possession but NO. Stop It. Your wedding day will come.

8. Don’t wear white. Unless the bride requests guest to wear white then avoid this color at all cost.

9. Don’t twerk, grind or body thrust with another wedding guest: Its not necessary.

10. Don’t make a HUGE announcement: This is not the day to announce your pregnancy, your decision to move out of state or your recent proposal. It’s just tasteless. Let the Bride and Groom enjoy their special day.

Was this helpful? Did you have one of these Don’ts happen at your wedding? What would you add? Let us know via email (Info@NaturalHairBride.com) Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We may just add it to our list.

P.S. This was meant to have humor. I hope you laughed a little on this #WeddingWednesday.

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10 Things Wedding Guests Should Never Do

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