Ways to escape wedding planning stress “Date Night” Edition…

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By, Kalisha Cartharn

Hi Loves, it’s date night with your fiancé and this time it’s totally dedicated to just the two of you. NO WEDDING TALK ALLOWED. This time should be designated to chance and romance, go back to days that remind you of why he proposed and why you said YES! Remind one another of why you are “Crazy in Love” … This week NHB will give some ideas on how to unwind and escape those wedding prep stressors. Now remember each of these ideas REQUIRE NO WEDDING TALK, just RELAX, RELATE & RELEASE!

1. SPA DAY – Prior to your wedding you may have accumulated some wonderful gift certificates to day spa’s … Why not cash those in with your honey and enjoy some alone time. No need to bring up wedding planning as a matter of fact NO WEDDING TALK ALLOWED. Schedule mani/pedi and massage time. This will help release some of those wedding jitters and even the fritters lol!

2. SPA DAY (at home) – Want to really spice things up, why not turn your home into “DE LA CASA SPA” From the comfort of your own home, create your own ambiance of a spa with oils, candles, wine and music. This will personalize the experience and who knows this could be a weekly ritual between the two of you.

3. FAMILY VISITS—have some family members who may not be able to make it to the wedding? No problem, make some time to go and visit. This is usually a grandparent or an older person in the family who really can’t handle travels at their age. This will give you and him time to get to know one another’s family in an intimate setting without the stress of the wedding.

4. NATURE NIGHT – This proves to be a NHB Fave, we love nature and what better time than the fall to experience the leaves changing colors. Ditch those cell phones and hit the trail. If you refer back to a few of NHB’s “Date Night” Articles you will find some wonderful ideas concerning the outdoors.

5. NEIGHBORHOOD DRIVE – Why not take some time out to drive through some of those “upscale” neighborhoods you’ve always dreamed of living in as a kid. Check out the different designs in landscaping, beautiful backyards and talk about what kind of dream home you both desire.

6. WRITE IT DOWN—one last thing on our list would be a book of appreciation. With all the stress and strain of the wedding, sometime’s, you can lose track of what’s important. More times than not you can always list the things that go wrong more so than go right. So my advice would be to take the time to write out what’s actually going right and according to plan for you. This can work as motivation when you feel the pressure of wedding planning starting to creep back up.

So … What are you and your loves weekend plans? Let us know via  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Have a lovely night.

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