Tech Savvy Brides: Say ‘I Do’ To Wedding Apps

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Remember the traditional way of planning your wedding would be to sit down with your mom and grandma and write out the plans of your special day, well…. scratch that idea! If your a new age, tech savvy bride you will love this world of wedding apps!

Here’s a few wedding apps that can help you in the process of planning your wedding! Take a look:

WedPics – Wedding Photo App

Cut a huge cost in your budget with this app. This App allows you to share all your photos from the wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and more with all your friends/family.  You can also create and view short videos of the events as well. You can use a filter and editing tools to edit and enhance the videos and photos. Pictures can be uploaded to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Wedding Happy – Wedding Planner App

Wedding Planning can be a tedious and tiring task and this is why this app comes in handy so that while you are on the go everything can be within hand reach. The best part about this app is that it requires No Network connection which means it can be used on planes, on trains, under the subway and more. It allows you to organize guest, venues, set dates and book venues and others right from the app. You can track your spending as well as keep your guest informed of updates.

77 Looks – Best how to tips for make-up, hair, nails and more.

Finding the perfect look is can be hard. You want to be able to see all the options there are to see. This app can also be a good money saver to cut your budget cost. It features tips from top designers and stylist on fashion trends. It shows you DIY hair styles and nail tips to cut your hair and nail budget down. This app also allows you to interact with bloggers giving you tips or answering any questions that you may have. You can try different thing at home or with your stylist learned from this app to make your big day perfect as you desire.

Wedding Dress Look Book by the Knot 

This App is for on the go Wedding Dress Shopping. This app is perfect because it allows you to see what dress may look right for each and every body type. You can put your height, body type, bra size, personality and wedding style in to perfect the wedding dress for you. It even allows you to say what your best part of your body is vs your problem areas. It allows you to use the GPS to find the dresses you love at a nearby location.


Instagram is great for everyone! You can find everything from Wedding Designers, Hair Stylist, Florist, Photographers, Venues, Wedding Gowns,  and more through hashtags. You can view pictures and 15 second videos to see everything about every subject. Most companies will have links to their webpage so that you may obtain further details. You can even use Intagram to book your honeymoon by checking out different islands and places to travel.

The Apps may be found via IPhone or Android. One or both devices depending on the App.

There are so many apps to choose from! Did you use an app to help you plan your wedding day? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Planning!


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