Sassy Natural Hair Bride’s with Veils

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Hi Loves,

Today, we are showcasing Natural Hair Bride’s rocking veils. When I was preparing for my wedding day, I asked my husband what’s your 1 request? He replied, “I want to lift up your veil”. I was shocked! First, I didn’t know my husband knew about veils, ha! Second, that was so SWEET! Of course I had to make his one request come to life. So, I contemplated on a hairstyle that would work with a blusher (the front part my husband mentioned) and veil.

If your wondering what style would be ideal for a veil or blusher, I’ve added photos of Natural Hair Brides with twa’s,  twistouts, high buns, updos and more to help inspire you with your decision making. Are you wearing a veil or blusher? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! If you would like to submit something so NHB can share CLICK HERE to learn more. XO!

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