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It’s #WeddingWednesday and we are excited to share with you a beautiful love story from Mr. & Mrs. Veronica & Quartez Moore. 

Read all the details of their amazing union below.

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Words of advice: Discuss the details of your wedding day together. Be sure to incorporate each others wishes and desires and if there are things that need compromise, be sure to discuss them. Communication is key through this process. It eliminated a lot of stress as I planned our wedding on my own (and with the help of Pinterest!). Brides, have fun with this day and don’t let the opinion of others dictate what you ultimately want. Groom, be there to support your bride. She will need your comfort and reassurance, especially if she is planning it herself. I was lucky to have the perfect team player in my now husband throughout the entire process. 

Veronica Moore Wedding - Natural Hair Bride

How we met: We met at Western Illinois University. Our initial bond was our fraternal organizations. What started off as mere friendship, turned into a spiritual and love connection. 

Veronica Quartez s Wedding - 13

Most unforgettable moment of the wedding: Our first touch. We had gone the entire night on Friday and all day on Saturday without seeing or communicating with each other. The first touch was something that I really looked forward to because I wanted to keep the anticipation going. My day of planner, Desiree Dent from Dejanae Event, selected the perfect location in the mansion and orchestrated our arrivals at the perfect time. The photographer was there and ready to capture our first reaction when we touched each others hand. It was exhilarating! You could feel the excitement and passion flow through our bodies as we held and stroked each others hand ever so softly. It was truly magical. 
Wedding details: The ceremony and reception took place at the Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst,lL.The theme was chic, elegant and a bit of vintage. I really wanted to make sure that my touches were included in every part of the wedding. A lot of items were DIY. I made my own brooch bouquet, veil, card holder and letter monogram for the cake table. It was something that was important to me. While it took a lot of time and energy, I am glad that I actually did it. 

Veronica Quartez s Wedding - 14

Veronica Quartez s Wedding - 15

Wedding date: 9.13.14 
Wedding color: Deep plum, slate grey, silver and ivory
Bridesmaid count: 7 (1 matron of honor)

Veronica Quartez s Wedding - 12

Hairstyle: My hair was in a braided up-do with added hair at the top to create dimension to the hair style. I wanted a regal look and so the pinup at the top of my hair added just the right touch for me! 
Products used: I washed and conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture curl enhancing line. I moisturized and sealed with argan oil and a little bit of moisturizing curling cream. 
Where I got the style idea: It was a mixture of browsing through Pintrest and hashtags on Instagram. Ultimately, I showed my stylist (who happened to be my niece) what I wanted and she created the design. One of my bridesmaids, Victoria, did me the honor of pinning the to p portion in just the right style. 

Veronica Moore Wedding - Natural Hair Bride

Where did I learn of – I learned of NaturalHairBride on Facebook once I started to plan my wedding in 2013. I then found the Naturalhairbride Instagram account and saw may natural hair inspirations for my special day posted there.

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