Real Bride: The Shuirman’s Love Story


This beautiful Natural Hair Bride, Lisa Shuirman,  found us via Instagram and we are so excited she did. Take alook at her interview. We hope you receive great wedding inspiration along with hairstyle ideas. Natural Hair Wives are so important to NHB as well! So be sure to share your love story with us. It’s simple email and we will send over the questions. 
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Word of advice for the newly engaged on preparation for their wedding day: 
Try your hardest to have fun during the process! Before you know it, the day will have come and gone. It’s nice to have fond memories of not only your big day, but the days leading up to it.
Most unforgettable moments of your wedding day: 
Making my bouquet with my mom and sisters that morning.
Driving down to the beach together. A little alone time before the ceremony.
Having my whole family together. Some of my family still lives back in Hawaii, some of us live here in the mainland, so having all of us together at once is a big treat.
My dad walking me down the “aisle.”
We came up with our own vows. I wrote mine out, my husband decided to be more spontaneous and speak on the spot. It was so romantic and sweet.
Right after we said “I Do” a humpback Whale breached! Just incredible.
Getting back to our car and seeing the “Just Married” sign one of my sisters had made and attached to our bumper.
Spending the evening with my loved ones. Just a wonderful celebration!


Wedding Details: Share with us the setup – Location: Theme 
We got married at Manini’owali Beach (Kua Bay) in Kona on The Big Island. It was a super casual affair. My family sat on the beach and we got married right down by the water. My parents got married on the North Shore of O’ahu, so I’ve always fantasized about having a beach wedding.
Wedding Date: 3-27-13
Wedding Color: White and Green
Bridal gown style: I wanted something simple, yet elegant. More on the bohemian side. I found a beautiful Max Studio dress that I fell in love with. It was the perfect blend of something I felt beautiful in, was appropriate for being out on the beach in, and was COMFORTABLE! It was the first dress I looked at. I knew it was the one. I bought it that day and never looked back.


How did you meet? We are both musicians. We actually met on a gig! We work and play together.
Describe your hairstyle on your wedding day: Where did you get the style idea? 
It is crazy humid on the Big Island! I considered braiding my hair to set it the night before, but knew that could be a little risky! So, I figured the best thing to do would be to wash, condition and air dry it the morning of. That way, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I had Green and Pink Cymbidiums, so I pinned one into my hair. It went beautifully with my bouquet and the flowers we placed on the beach. I love wearing my hair natural. I’m proud of my curls. One of my sister’s tried to give me a ponytail to put on! LOL! I rock my curls on a daily basis. My wedding day wasn’t going to be any different.
What style would you rock to renew your vows?
Probably a nice, casual style again. For me: A long, flowy, high-waisted maxi-dress, flower(s) in my hair, and hopefully an afro about twice the size! For Him: Same style as our wedding. Linen shirt, shorts (or slacks) and VANS. Laid back… Island style!
How long have you been natural? Hair Care Regimen? 
I’ve been natural for about 4 years. I like using Olive and Coconut oils in my hair. I really love Pantene’s Co-Wash. Sometimes I’ll braid my hair up and set it for nice long waves, but for the most part. I’m a wash and go kinda gal!


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