Pink and Purple Natural Curls | Anniversary Photoshoot


Two pretty dope people met…and ten years ago on a Friday the 13th (yes Friday the 13th – because they love a challenge!) They headed to the justice of the peace.

The journey began. The turbulence of life happened, the storm clouds rose. There were some threats of leaving, some hints of divorce. There were some prayers to God on what to fix about the other person…

Then one day, these pretty cool kids got a great idea…if they went to God in prayer about what to fix within themselves, then He would show them how to fit together in matrimony as He intended.

What you see today (10 years later) is a couple…not faking it for the camera. Not two people pretending that they enjoy their marriage. Instead you see two imperfect people deciding to do one of the hardest things they would ever have to do….to “STAY” when it is so much easier to walk away. Happy Anniversary Angela and Tornby! From Nikia of

Pink and Purple Natural Curls | Anniversary Photoshoot

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